Buy Irish 2022: 200-plus Irish SMEs

For Christmas 2022 we looked at 204 Irish businesses in the areas of toys, food, drinks, health, fitness, fashion, books and beauty

With an estimated 70pc of online shopping purchases made overseas, it is vital we support Irish SMEs.

According to Champion Green, every €1 spent in local retail can generate up to €2.50 in the economy.  €1 spent online, with an overseas retailer, is largely lost to the local economy.

In the month ahead of Christmas, consumers here will spend about €4.5bn in total.

In this series looked Irish food, drinks, fashion, beauty, sports and fitness, toys and health that can be bought online as well as offline for Christmas 2022.

10 brilliant Irish book shops

Christmas decorations on an open book.

Buy Irish 2022: 30 toy businesses

Christmas toys and decorations on a rug.

25 Irish fitness businesses

People playing in the snow.

34 Irish fashion businesses

woman in snow wearing warm clothing.

25 Irish beauty businesses

beautiful woman beside a Christmas tree.

20 Irish health businesses

Hand holding candy heart.

30 Irish food businesses

Christmas table laid out.

30 Irish drinks businesses

People toasting with wine.
 Main image at top: Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.