The Irish Start-up Business Toolkit

Everything you need to know about starting a business in Ireland, from the hottest start-ups to resources, know-how and more.

Funding, grants and supports for starting and growing a business in Ireland

Dedicated start-up team.

From starting to running to growing, here are a range of funds, grants and financial supports available for businesses in Ireland. 

Practical steps to finance your start-up

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John Cradden outlines the various steps to funding your new start-up venture.

Checklist for starting a business in Ireland

image showing journey of a start-up from idea onwards.

John Cradden provides an overview of the essential things you’ll need to think about if you are hoping to embark on a business venture.

Words of wisdom from Irish entrepreneurs

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Insights from Irish entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done that and are still doing it.

The 100 hottest Irish start-ups

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Ireland has become a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity with entrepreneurs from every corner of the land in a variety of industries focused on becoming the next big thing.

How to write a really great business plan

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Starting a business: Your business plan is fundamental to your business journey – effectively a north star for you, your colleagues and potentially investors and lenders to stay on track.

  • Bank of Ireland is welcoming new customers every day – funding investments, working capital and expansions across multiple sectors. To learn more, click here

A brilliant business plan template

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If you are starting, running or growing a business, you need a great business plan. Download this free template and get started.

Sole Trader or Limited Company?

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Caitlyn Buchanan from Company Bureau weighs up the pros and cons of setting your business up as a sole trader or as a limited company in Ireland.

Mastering the side hustle: Starting a business while still in a job

Entrepreneur working at a desk.

The ‘side hustle’ is becoming increasingly popular. Are you thinking of starting a business while still in your day job?

A Business Model Canvas for start-ups

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A Business Model Canvas is the resource for startups. Forget a business plan, they are not particularly suitable for early stage startups. This one-page business model, however, is golden. Download the free ThinkBusiness Business Model Canvas now and get started.

A 7-step guide to starting your business in Ireland

Businessman at starter's marks.

Considering starting a business in Ireland? Here’s a seven step guide on what you need to know, courtesy of Accountant Pages.

Why business mentoring matters

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Starting a Business? Celebrated business coach Jamie White explains the difference between mentoring and coaching and why mentoring matters.

Main image at top: Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

  • Bank of Ireland is welcoming new customers every day – funding investments, working capital and expansions across multiple sectors. To learn more, click here

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