A Business Model Canvas for start-ups

A Business Model Canvas is the resource for start-ups. Forget a business plan, they are not particularly suitable for early stage startups. This one-page business model, however, is golden. Download the free ThinkBusiness Business Model Canvas now and get started.

Below is a two-minute video overview of the Business Model Canvas to show you how it works.

2: The Value Proposition Canvas

This drills deeper into one of the key elements of the Business Model Canvas. 

The Value Proposition Canvas is a very powerful tool. If your business doesn’t clearly understand the value of what you are offering then you don’t stand a chance of survival.

3: User Stories

Understanding your user helps your business’ value proposition. It’s best to have a nice, neat user story to help get your startup focused. Here is a good article that shows you how to do this.

Article by Ita O’Sullivan.