Intercom’s revamped Messenger is just the ticket

Irish tech unicorn Intercom has revamped its popular Messenger technology to help firms excel at customer retention.

Intercom revealed new features to its Messenger customer communications platform, which is a cornerstone for more than 25,000 businesses worldwide.

Launching the new features, Intercom pointed out that in this time of economic uncertainty, the relationships between businesses and their customers is paramount.

“The need to increase customer retention is a challenge facing every business. We believe the answer is better customer communication, which is why we pioneered the Messenger 11 years ago”

It determines how fully engaged customers are, and whether or not businesses can retain them and grow.

On message

As well as representing a triumph for machine learning, the next-generation Messenger will have what Intercom claims will be the best user experience design on the market, the ability to handle more business-critical actions all within the Messenger, and is customisable and configurable to match any company’s brand experience.

New feature include including messenger-first tickets—a highly-anticipated launch that delivers the future of customer support ticketing. Tickets enables businesses to funnel the most complex support requests through the Messenger and into the Intercom platform, eliminating the need for additional support workflows and tools. For a business’ customers, it delivers a more personal, modern and richer support experience.

“Intercom has earned the loyalty of our customers because we provide the solutions they need to increase customer retention, which is a challenge facing every business,” said Paul Adams, chief product officer at Intercom.

“We believe the answer is better customer communication, which is why we pioneered the Messenger 11 years ago. Today we’ve reinvented it for the next decade, when in-product messaging will become the primary channel for businesses to engage with customers.”

Established by Irish founders in San Francisco, Intercom last year revealed annual recurring revenues of $200m and has set its sights upon one day surpassing $1bn in sales.

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.