Intercom brings businesses into the ‘no code’ revolution

No code integrations in latest suite of Irish firm Intercom’s tech means teams can set up custom bots in minutes.

Intercom has revealed its latest suite of capabilities that include doing away with one-sided SMEs tools and dead-end text messages and bringing firms squarely into the no code era.

As well as introducing a new two-way SMS tool for sales, marketing and support teams, Intercom has revealed new Custom Actions and Custom Objects which are next-generation, no-code platform features that let businesses design personalised, self-serve support experiences in minutes.

“These new features help businesses make the most out of every opportunity they have to connect with a customer”

No code development platforms allow programmers and non-programmers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

“Intercom exists to help businesses provide better experiences for their customers,” said Jane Honey, Senior Product Director at Intercom. “These new features help businesses make the most out of every opportunity they have to connect with a customer —whether it’s building stronger customer relationships through two-way conversations, or leveraging automation for faster and better experiences for both their support teams and customers.” 

2-way SMS

Intercom SMS is a fully integrated solution built natively into the Intercom platform, so it can be used alongside Intercom’s omni-channel offering to build complete customer journeys. It is the most powerful option bringing together mass outbound SMS with SMS support, that doesn’t require a separate tool or provider.

Whereas most SMS solutions are powered by keywords, Intercom SMS is truly two-way texting. Customer support reps can respond to SMS messages within the Intercom Inbox and also send targeted and personalized outbound SMS messages at scale, both increasing engagement and encouraging customers to take action.

Custom Actions and Objects

Custom Actions manages the connection between Intercom and external data sources, while Custom Objects helps businesses store, organize and use external data within Intercom in the way that suits their business.

The features connect Intercom’s Custom Bots and Resolution Bot with customers’ first-party data from external sources, and teams can set up the data connection in minutes, with no-code integrations. 

Through the integration, bots can answer more questions and resolve even more conversations automatically, without needing a human touch. This not only boosts self-serve rates and reduces inbound support volume for support teams—it also provides a better and faster customer experience. Custom Actions and Custom Objects are available now to all of Intercom’s global customers using Intercom’s bots. 

Intercom was founded in the 3fe coffee shop in Dublin but established its headquarters in San Francisco to scale the business. R&D is led from Dublin, with all of its technical leadership located in EMEA. The London office also focuses on R&D.

Intercom marked its 10th anniversary last year, surpassed $200m in annual recurring revenue and has experienced sustained momentum across its customer base.

In 2018 the company gained unicorn status after being valued at more than $1bn. Last year, the company scored a major coup by appointing Karen Peacock, named one of the “top 50 most powerful women in technology” by the National Diversity Council in the US, as its CEO.

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.