Irish firm digitalises 130 ŠKODA stores

CWSI drives future and takes the paper and pen out of ŠKODA sales experience.

Irish mobile and cloud specialist CWSI has secured a deal with ŠKODA UK to redefine the retail experience across their 130 stores.

CWSI designed a solution which has enabled the seamless rollout and management of nearly 1,000 iPad devices, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and a shift from primarily paper-based processes to digital ones.

The solution also underpins the development of ŠKODA’s Digital Assistant app, which allows for virtual appointments and means sales teams can view and provide detailed information on every ŠKODA model.

“ŠKODA is known for producing some of the best cars on the market and we needed a customer experience to match that”

ŠKODA is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers, with its origins dating back to 1895. Since joining the Volkswagen Group in 1991, it has become one of the most successful automotive brands, having established a presence in more than 100 markets worldwide.

Driving excellence

To support the growth of the brand and the ever-adapting automotive markets, ŠKODA UK wanted to increase customer satisfaction throughout the car purchasing process with the use of digital tools. It needed an integrated and mobile digital solution to present sales collateral such as brochures and informational materials to customers, as its processes were primarily paper based. The brand was also developing Digital Assistant, an iOS-based app used by sales teams to view and provide detailed information on every ŠKODA model.

CWSI won the contract and designed a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution based on Ivanti Cloud technology. This has enabled the seamless rollout and management of nearly 1,000 iPad devices across ŠKODA’s 130 UK retailers. As well as providing a collaborative, centrally managed platform for these point-of-sale devices, the secure solution underpins the company’s revolutionary retail experience for customers – the Digital Assistant app. CWSI worked closely with the development team in the creation of the app and its insights were crucial and shaped how the app was developed.

“ŠKODA is known for producing some of the best cars on the market and we needed a customer experience to match that,” said Chris Batty, Digital Experience Manager, ŠKODA UK.

“We required an all-encompassing solution and through leveraging modern technologies, we have built an industry-leading sales tool. Enabled by CWSI’s management solution, customer satisfaction scores have increased and sales teams are more empowered.

“Ultimately, the solution is helping to drive profitability for the brand and is now an integral part of the ŠKODA customer journey.”

Following the rollout, retailers can host virtual appointments via the iPads with customers who may not wish to visit the showroom, or give vehicle tours to customers from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, ŠKODA saw an uplift of +0.4 in the customer experience score when an iPad was used. It also saw a similar uplift in salesperson knowledge scores. CWSI’s deployment saves valuable time for employees by providing all necessary information at their fingertips. The mobile and adaptable nature of the managed iPad solution is also ideally placed to support remote or hybrid working.

CWSI manages the lifecycle of the fleet of iPads from procurement right through to decommissioning. CWSI has Ivanti Premier Partner status as well as one of the largest in-house teams of accredited Ivanti engineers and support analysts in the UK. CWSI also provides point of contact support and manages repair should a technical issue arise, ensuring business continuity.

“Having previously worked with CWSI, ŠKODA knew we could be trusted to deliver the next phase of its journey,” said Ronan Murphy, CEO of CWSI.

“CWSI provides a fully managed proactive service for the devices which requires no action on ŠKODA’s part, which is something retailers appreciate as they can focus on their core business.

“This leading mobility solution with best of breed security, compliance, device management controls and functionality has amplified the customer experience for ŠKODA. It has futureproofed the company’s retail operation, underpinning the Digital Assistant app and truly allowing sales employees to be product experts. Our own product team is continually monitoring potential enhancements to Ivanti’s products and any other changes that may affect ŠKODA’s solution. The adaptable, scalable deployment was built with the future in mind.”

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.