Intercom’s customer support revolution

Irish-founded Intercom has revealed its most ambitious product line-up to date.

Irish unicorn Intercom is laying its claim on the future of customer support.

Intercom helps businesses deliver ongoing engagement to prospects and customers through personalised and in-context communication across channels, including in-product, messaging, email and more. 

“We believe ongoing customer engagement is the future of internet business, and that demands a new operating model”

The business has revealed three new game-changing products that will underpin how many businesses around the world support their customers.

Intercom was founded in the 3fe coffee shop in Dublin but established its headquarters in San Francisco to scale the business. R&D is led from Dublin, with all of its technical leadership located in EMEA. The London office also focuses on R&D. 

The three new products include a tool for eliminating on-hold wait times, a next generation version of the company’s popular Inbox and a new way to gather data in a world where cookies will become obsolete on websites.

On message

Intercom’s technologies are used by more than 25,000 organisations worldwide, including Amazon, Atlassian and Lyft Business. More than 600m end users actively use Intercom every month, sending more than 500 million messages.

“We believe ongoing customer engagement is the future of internet business, and that demands a new operating model—one that unifies and reorients every aspect of an organisation to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Karen Peacock, CEO of Intercom.

“We built Intercom’s Engagement OS for this purpose—to give all customer-facing teams one primary, unified platform to work together and create an ongoing dialogue with customers.” 

The new products include:

  • Switch – eliminates on-hold wait times that often lead to a frustrating customer experience by letting customers choose to seamlessly transition from phone support to Intercom’s Messenger. Switch works with any phone provider system and is natively built into Intercom’s platform.
  • Next-generation Inbox – a re-imagining of the company’s most-used feature to make it the fastest and most efficient support inbox in the industry that will support the once-in-a-generation change customer support is undergoing due to increasing internet scale and higher customer expectations.
  • Surveys – as businesses move on from third-party data and into a cookieless world, Surveys enables organisations to deliver ongoing customer engagement by effectively capturing and taking immediate action on first-party data.

“Atlassian is committed to creating strong, personal experiences for our 200,000+ customers. This means resolving their issues quickly, while forging lasting relationships with our customers. Intercom’s Engagement OS enables us to do just that,” said Wayne Stewart, Head of CSS Cloud Growth, DevOps & IT at Atlassian.

“We use Intercom to power, and scale, best-in-class customer communication and to facilitate customer engagement across many areas of our business. Intercom’s platform helps us gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and helps us create delightful journeys for them. We’re excited to see continued innovation from Intercom and we look forward to building onto our years-long partnership.”

Rapidly scaling Irish software player Intercom recently revealed it is to create 150 new jobs in Ireland, growing its local headcount to more than 400 people by the end of 2022.

The company, which also has offices in San Francisco, London, Chicago and Sydney, is hiring across all locations and departments at every level, with expectations to reach around 1,000 people globally by the end of next year.

Intercom marked its 10th anniversary last year, surpassed $200m in annual recurring revenue and has experienced sustained momentum across its customer base.

In 2018 the company gained unicorn status after being valued at more than $1bn. Last year, the company scored a major coup by appointing Karen Peacock, named one of the “top 50 most powerful women in technology” by the National Diversity Council in the US, as its CEO.

Main image at top:

Back L-R: Des Traynor (Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder), Paul Adams (Senior Vice President of Product), Anna Griffin (Chief Marketing Officer), Darragh Curran (Senior Vice President of Engineering) and Dan Griggs (Chief Financial Officer). 

Front L-R: Cheree McAlpine (General Counsel), Leandra Fishman (Chief Revenue Officer), Karen Peacock (Chief Executive Officer) and Chris Tobin (Senior Vice President of People).

John Kennedy
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