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Social media should drive sales leads not just engagement

If you are new to social media as a business, now is a good time to arrive. Guide

Convert your website content into sales leads

You can drive large volumes of people to your site, but how do you then convert those readers into customers? The first thing you must do is build a great landing page.  According to the firm SiriusDecisions, your customers will ‘discover’ 67% of all new products they buy online. This means your customers’ first port […] Guide

Top tips – how to increase sales

Are you selling in the right way? Checklist

Fergus Gloster, founding director, Salesforce Europe

Limerick native Fergus Gloster joined Salesforce.com as founding director of European operations when it was a startup with less than 100 employees worldwide. Case Study

Are your sales techniques out of date?

A successful salesperson knows their technique needs to change with the times or they risk becoming redundant. Latest

Pokémon Go is driving sales for SMEs

Pokémon Go fever is helping small businesses drives sales. Latest

‘Tap and go’ payments driving sales

Coffee shops and c-stores seeing great results. Latest

Writing great sales emails

What's the format of a good email? Latest

How to manage sales targets [Template]

This template offers a simple way to track your sales targets and compare with actual sales. Template

National Enterprise Week 2017

The principal theme of this year's National Enterprise Week is 'Scaling your business'. Latest