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Agile Networks: award-winning idea pays off

“At the start of 2011 I couldn’t even spell entrepreneur. If you’ve always been an employee, the idea of setting up your own business seems daunting.” Dubliner Darragh Richardson lectured in marketing in Dublin City University before taking up a position as a marketing executive in a technology company in London. He worked for a […] Case Study

New €150,000 R&D grants launched

Enterprise Ireland has launched a new 'fast-track Agile Innovation Fund', to give SMEs rapid access to funding. Latest

‘I would like to see more positivity’

Build your product as lean as possible, get something out onto the market, iterate and build on that. Case Study

Inclusion and diversity at work – a guide

Over the last two decades or so, a new business strategy has emerged which offers companies a clear solution to many of their key challenges. This approach is often misunderstood, undervalued and poorly implemented. Guide

Is work without purpose worth doing?

If I was to ask you to define what is innovation, what would you say? Guide

The best colleges in Ireland for student entrepreneurs

What are the top colleges in Ireland that offer students programmes, grants and supports to start and grow their business ideas? Guide

A Business Model Canvas

Three must-have resources for startups. Template

Irish SMEs ‘the most innovative in Europe’

The European Commission says Irish small firms are the most innovative in Europe. Latest

13 ways to build a mobile workforce

SME owners can benefit from an agile workforce. Latest

‘Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with it’

Darragh Richardson, Agile Networks. Case Study