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Why page loading speed is vital for your online business

The time it takes to load a page is so important for your online business. Here's why: Latest

Knowing the customer key to growing in hospitality

Ahead of Bank of Ireland’s grow your business week, head of hospitality Gerardo Larios Rizo sat down to discuss the hospitality sector in 2019. Latest

Taking out risks is key to businesses impacted by Brexit

Bank of Ireland's Lee Evans and Pierce Butler sat down to discuss Brexit and the importance of taking away any risks to your business. Guide

A digital picnic is hitting Ireland’s southeast

The one day event will focus on best practices on social and digital for start-ups and small businesses in Ireland's southeast. Latest

Founder Friday hits Gorey this March

Founder Friday returns to The Hatch Lab in Gorey on March 29th with Mark Kellett the special guest for the evening. Latest

Equality unlocks human potential

Antony Keane, managing director in Accenture, believes that companies that foster equality not only accelerate career advancement for women but improve career progress for men as well. Latest

Greater gender balance a priority for Bank of Ireland

Alan Hartley is commercial director at Bank of Ireland. He tells ThinkBusiness about the bank’s commitment to being a prominent advocate for greater gender balance, not just within the company but throughout the country. Latest

Why diversity is not a zero-sum game

With over 35 years of experience in HR in financial services, Gillian Harford discusses the changes and the trends towards a more gender-balanced workplace. Latest

Jane Ohlmeyer: Universities are not changing fast enough

TCD history professor Jane Ohlmeyer says that while progress has been made to give females senior positions, universities are not changing at the pace they should be. Latest

Women have unique abilities which can be applied to business

Vanessa Creaven, who co-founded Spotlight Whitening with her sister, says women have unique abilities which makes for great entrepreneurs. Case Study