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Thinking business with Brendan Kenny

On the back of the entrepreneurial culture, there is now a genuine community spirit in the business community which can be seen across all aspects of life in Galway. Case Study

Thinking business with Dylan Commons

'I am most interested in growing businesses, self-learning and meeting like-minded people.' Case Study

Thinking business with Colm O’Brien

'I am most interested in leadership. Leadership is an attitude, not a position.' Case Study

How to recruit and retain top talent

How to get top talent. Latest

Thinking innovation with Gillian Barry

For every high-value job created five other jobs are formed in the economy. Case Study

Little Milk’s secret to export success

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Sometimes the secret to success is right under your nose. Guide

Thinking Business with Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan is working on a new brand for Limerick and wants it to be the city that can capitalise on post-Brexit opportunities. What’s your role? Head of marketing and communications with Limerick City and County Council. What are your interests? Changing the narrative around Limerick and portraying Limerick as a vibrant destination to live, […] Case Study

Thinking business with Paul Ryan

'I'm a technologist who is passionate about people.' Case Study

Thinking business with Lynda O’Leary

'I am a system engineer with experience as a technical writer and scrum master at HPE Galway.' Case Study

Thinking Business with Darren Kearney

Darren Kearney is a self-taught web developer, who struggled to secure employment after graduating from Art College in 2009. Case Study