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Three ways to finance your business

The main types of finance explained. Guide

Your finances explained with ratios

Ratios are used to determine the overall financial health of a business. When your accounts or projections are reviewed by investors, banks and others, they are likely to calculate a number of key ratios. They will also use those ratios to benchmark your business against others in your sector. The ThinkBusiness.ie ratios template will help you […] Guide

Five electric cars to turn your head in 2018

The best way to get a 'petrol head' to change their mind about electric vehicles (EVs) is to get them to drive one. Guide

National Enterprise Week 2017

The principal theme of this year's National Enterprise Week is 'Scaling your business'. Latest

Moovingo – a new way to sell a house

The founders of Moovingo, Tony Deane, and Jack Brady want to take on the rather expensive, traditional world of estate agents. This is their story so far. Case Study

What expenses can I claim back?

At the start of September, you start hearing the pay and file reminders on the radio; these messages go into your subconscious only to come to your attention when October comes around. Guide

100 tools to help startups survive and grow

There are over 100 links in this article to help entrepreneurs create solutions for every step of their business journey. Guide

How to write a great business plan

If you have a great business idea, write it down. Guide

Eight great business podcasts

The word podcast is a compound word that was first coined by BBC journalist Ben Hammersley in 2004. Guide

Will Universal Basic Income create more entrepreneurs?

If everyone in Ireland was given €752 a month, what would it do to the economy? Would it result in more people ‘dropping out’ or would it lead to greater entrepreneurial activity? Frances Coppola* examines the subject.  Richard Branson is a fan of Universal Basic Income. He believes it gives people the freedom to be […] Guide