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Revenue moves to help SMEs with cashflow amid Covid-19

Ireland’s Revenue Commissioner has outlined actions to assist SME businesses who will be experiencing cashflow and trading problems because of the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic. Guide

Insurance crisis is hurting businesses’ cashflow

Businesses now have to eat into their everyday cash flow in order to pay off the high insurance costs Latest

How to avoid common cashflow mistakes

One of the most common reasons that small businesses fail is that they do not manage their cashflow successfully. Here are five top mistakes to avoid. Guide

Cashflow management is crucial

Cashflow management can represent the difference between survival and failure. Guide

Latest supports for Irish businesses hit by Covid-19

As well as tougher social distancing rules, the Government of Ireland has outlined more financial supports for individuals and businesses impacted by Covid-19. Guide

Covid-19: Useful financial help for impacted Irish businesses

The damage being wrought on businesses and their employees by Covid-19/Coronavirus is unprecedented. Here are some of the financial supports available. Guide

9 tips to achieve business Financial Wellbeing

Is your business struggling or thriving? Here are 9 top tips to help you ensure your firm is fighting fit financially. Guide

IT Sligo: On the edge of AI

If you want to see how a regional college that harbours university ambitions is aligning with job creation in Ireland’s northeast, look no further than IT Sligo. Guide

Why your business needs a cash reserve

Having a cash reserve is one thing that many successful businesses have in common and serves as a buffer during lean times. Guide

The interview: Michael Lauhoff, Bank of Ireland

The director of Business Banking at Bank of Ireland Michael Lauhoff talked with ThinkBusiness about just how prepared export-focused businesses should be; deal or no deal. Guide