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Brexit is just like any other challenge facing business owners

Bernard Gallagher is the owner of CBM Signs in Letterkenny and he expects Brexit to have a massive impact on his business, but he is ready to capitalise on the opportunities that will come. Latest

A short GDPR guide for small businesses

If you do not have an up-to-date privacy policy on your website, you may attract an audit from the DPC which could lead to a fine. Guide

Why great business leaders are great listeners

Why is active listening so critical for good leaders? Guide

The search begins for Ireland most scalable business idea

FutureScope’s One2Watch finalists have raised a combined total of €6.2 million in the last two years. Latest

Become a high-performance business leader

If you are a business leader or business owner, you will be interested in the art and the science of leadership. But how much time do you allow yourself to focus on ‘you' the leader? Case Study

The ThinkBusiness Brexit Hub

Irish SMEs must prepare for the consequences of Brexit. Guide

The best funding for businesses in Ireland

The Irish Government has, in collaboration with all the main with finance providers in Ireland, put together this excellent guide to support SME financing. Guide

How to extract cash from your business

What is the most tax efficient way to extract large sums of cash from your business? Guide

The accidental billion dollar business

Slack, a workplace collaboration tool used by millions of people worldwide, is one of the fastest growing tech firms in history. Stephen Conmy met with Cal Henderson, Slack’s co-founder and CTO to discuss how Slack was born and his ambition to end the role of emails in work projects. If your ambition is to overtake […] Case Study

Dulann – a global business built in Wexford

Dulann is an innovative online e-learning company based in Wexford Town run by business partners and entrepreneurs, Damian Donlon (pictured in the middle) and Matthias Kausch (left). Launched in 2013, their initial product set out to disrupt the food safety market, by reducing costs and improving efficiencies for the SME sector in Ireland. Here, CEO […] Latest