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Covid-19 impact: Business growth stalls North and South

More than half of businesses across the island of Ireland are now in decline, new research from IntertradeIreland reveals. Guide

MindaClient builds new CRM platform for post-Covid-19 business world

The ability to manage staff, allocate work and check progress in real-time are distinguishing features within the Rebuild platform. Guide

What are the best smartphones for business?

In this smartphones buyers’ guide for business we look at the leading devices in the market today as remote and hybrid working models become the new normal. Guide

Norman Crowley: ‘We almost sold the business for $1bn’

You could argue Norman Crowley is Ireland’s answer to Elon Musk. But electric cars are only part of Crowley’s focus. The bigger picture is saving the planet. Guide

What business owners need to know about July Stimulus

Ireland’s rescue plan consists of grants, tax cuts and loan guarantees devised to restart and reboot the economy. Latest

Pure gold: Broadband firm enters lucrative streaming business

New player in burgeoning streaming market as Pure Telecom launches new phone, TV and broadband package. Guide

Rich Ferrie: ‘Cork a great place to mix business and science’

In the latest ThinkBusiness podcast, John Kennedy talks to Dr Rich Ferrie, director of UCC Innovation about Cork’s entrepreneurial spirit and the launch of UCC Consulting Guide

Unleash super powers: 90pc of businesses need upskilling

Countering the challenges posed by the pandemic has revealed holes in the capabilities of Irish firms. Guide

Virgin Media’s BackingBusiness initiative reaches 2m views

Virgin Media's #BackingBusiness initiative was introduced to support the recovery of Irish SMEs. Guide

JYSK merges its UK and Ireland businesses

JYSK country manager for Ireland Roni Tuominen to run combined Ireland and UK businesses. Guide