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How to grow a dairy farm in a sustainable way

There is an optimistic view of dairy farming in Ireland. Many dairy farms are becoming large-scale businesses and need to be treated as such. Latest

How to prepare for GDPR

After working in quality assurance for 18 years, Fionnuala Hendrick set up Secure Helping Hand (SHH) to support businesses in their preparation for GDPR. Case Study

Feeding the most expensive beef in the world

Gavin Dunne is a pioneer. He created a new market for olive ‘waste' by turning it into a patented food for the Wagyu beef market, now the most expensive beef market in the world. Case Study

A €1 million start fund for female entrepreneurs

Enterprise Ireland’s €1 million competitive start fund (CSF) for female entrepreneurs is open on Tuesday, 1 May. Guide

DC Cahalane talks Republic of Work

On the first anniversary of Cork's Republic of Work, Daniel Heaslip sat down with DC Cahalane, its founder and CEO to discuss innovation, startups, funding, the future of work and expansion plans. Case Study

ActionPoint’s co-founders on how to thrive

Hosted by Pat Carroll, this StartupGrind featured local organic-grown success story, ActionPoint. Latest

BizExpo is coming to CityWest

Over 1,000 people attended the previous event. Latest

Thinking business with Queila Doyle

Thinking business with Queila Doyle, CEO and founder of My Beauty Squad. Case Study

How to apply for the Brexit loan scheme

It’s the most affordable rate there is. Guide

Innovation Nation needs more female founders

TechIreland is a platform that tracks innovation across all 26 counties in Ireland. Latest