Useful AI prompts for SMEs and entrepreneurs

If you want to start using ChatGPT or Bard but aren’t sure where to begin, here are a range of prompts suitable for SMEs, start-ups and marketers.

ChatGPT burst onto the scene in late 2022 and you’d be forgiven for believing it marked the beginning of the AI  age.

Well it didn’t, but it certainly showed people what is coming. It is definitely the beginning of something.

“The truth about computers is that they will only be as good as what you tell them to do and therefore some of these prompts could be equally applicable on Bard as they are on ChatGPT”

In recent weeks we have covered Irish businesses pushing the boundaries of AI as well as useful AI apps you can use for free, in most cases.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, most predominantly in the form of machine learning.

What is different is this was the moment that generative AI, or conversational AI, emerged as a gigantic Swiss Army Knife of sorts that allowed you to talk to the machines – in this case ChatGPT creator OpenAI’s servers – and ask them to do previously repetitive or manual tasks like write articles, blogs, research and more.

It is not perfect. The information on ChatGPT is up-to-date only up to late 2021, but it was swish enough to attract a $500m investment from Microsoft.

The onset of ChaptGPT as a public entity also sparked reasonable questions about the future of search, since it unearthed more than basic search results and links but actually added context and insight in ways hitherto impossible.

Some say it sounded the death knell for Google’s traditional search product. However, Google already has its own rival technology called Bard which is believed to be every bit as clever as ChatGPT and actually up-to-date in real-time, according to accounts I’ve seen. However, at the time of writing it was not available in this geography (Ireland).

That said, the truth about computers is that they will only be as good as what you tell them to do and therefore some of these prompts could be equally applicable on Bard as they are on ChatGPT.

The below prompts are to help you begin your voyage of discovery in the AI world.

As ChatGPT will tell you, when using prompts always try and add extra details and context for more tailored responses.

When it comes to the complexities of running a business or doing accounts, it is advisable to seek professional guidance as well as conduct your own thorough research.

You can tailor your prompts to whatever industry, location or field of interest that is relevant to you.

Useful ChatGPT prompts for small businesses

  1. “What are some effective marketing strategies for small businesses?”
  2. “Can you provide tips for optimizing a small business website?”
  3. “How can I improve customer engagement and loyalty?”
  4. “What are some cost-effective ways to promote my small business locally?”
  5. “Can you suggest creative ways to generate leads for a small business?”
  6. “What are some effective social media strategies for small businesses?”
  7. “How can I enhance my small business’s online reputation and reviews?”
  8. “What are the best practices for managing inventory in a small business?”
  9. “How can I streamline my small business’s operations and improve efficiency?”
  10. “What are some effective techniques for small business budgeting?”
  11. “Can you provide guidance on hiring and retaining employees for a small business?”
  12. “What are some tips for improving customer service in a small business?”
  13. “How can I leverage email marketing to grow my small business?”
  14. “What are some ways to differentiate my small business from competitors?”
  15. “Can you suggest tools or software to help manage small business finances?”
  16. “What are some effective strategies for expanding a small business’s customer base?”
  17. “How can I create a strong brand identity for my small business?”
  18. “What are the key considerations for pricing products or services in a small business?”
  19. “Can you provide guidance on effective networking strategies for small business owners?”
  20. “What are some legal and regulatory considerations for small businesses to be aware of?”

Useful AI prompts for someone starting a business

  1. “Help me brainstorm business ideas based on my interests and skills.”
  2. “Provide guidance on conducting market research to identify a target audience for my business.”
  3. “Suggest effective strategies for creating a business plan.”
  4. “Help me understand the legal requirements and permits needed to start my business.”
  5. “Generate ideas for a compelling business name and tagline.”
  6. “Provide tips for developing a unique selling proposition (USP) for my business.”
  7. “Help me identify potential sources of funding for my startup.”
  8. “Suggest methods for building a strong brand identity for my business.”
  9. “Assist me in identifying potential competitors and conducting a competitive analysis.”
  10. “Provide guidance on pricing strategies for my products or services.”
  11. “Help me create a marketing plan to promote my business.”
  12. “Suggest effective customer acquisition channels for a startup.”
  13. “Provide tips for building a strong online presence for my business.”
  14. “Help me understand the basics of financial management for my startup.”
  15. “Suggest strategies for networking and building valuable connections in my industry.”

Useful AI prompts for marketers:

  1. “Generate engaging social media post ideas for promoting a new product.”
  2. “Write a persuasive email subject line for a product launch announcement.”
  3. “Provide tips for optimizing website conversion rates.”
  4. “Create a catchy tagline for a fitness apparel brand.”
  5. “Generate ideas for a viral marketing campaign targeting millennials.”
  6. “Write a script for a promotional video highlighting the benefits of a software product.”
  7. “Help me brainstorm content ideas for a blog post series about digital marketing.”
  8. “Suggest strategies for increasing customer engagement on social media platforms.”
  9. “Write a compelling product description for an e-commerce website.”
  10. “Create an outline for a webinar on effective email marketing techniques.”
  11. “Generate ideas for lead generation tactics for a B2B company.”
  12. “Provide tips for optimising Google AdWords campaigns.”
  13. “Write a persuasive landing page headline for a subscription-based service.”
  14. “Help me come up with ideas for an influencer marketing campaign.”
  15. “Create a series of social media posts to promote a limited-time discount.”

Useful AI prompts for people managing business accounts:

  1. “Generate ideas for improving customer engagement on our business social media accounts.”
  2. “Help me come up with content ideas for our business blog.”
  3. “Suggest strategies for increasing brand awareness through our business Instagram account.”
  4. “Provide tips for optimising LinkedIn profiles for our business employees.”
  5. “Generate ideas for a lead generation campaign targeting businesses in a specific industry.”
  6. “Help me brainstorm ways to improve our business’s online reputation and manage customer reviews.”
  7. “Suggest tactics for building strategic partnerships with other businesses in our industry.”
  8. “Write a script for a video tutorial showcasing our business products or services.”
  9. “Create a series of email templates for nurturing leads in our B2B sales process.”
  10. “Provide tips for running effective Facebook ad campaigns for our business.”
  11. “Generate ideas for hosting webinars or virtual events to attract new business clients.”
  12. “Help me come up with ideas for creating valuable gated content to generate leads.”
  13. “Suggest strategies for improving customer retention and fostering loyalty for our business.”
  14. “Write a persuasive email template for reaching out to potential business collaborators or sponsors.”
  15. “Generate ideas for creating a referral program to encourage existing clients to refer new business clients.”

Useful AI prompts for people managing business finances:

  1. “Provide tips for creating a comprehensive business budget.”
  2. “Suggest strategies for reducing business expenses without compromising quality.”
  3. “Help me understand the key financial ratios I should monitor for my business.”
  4. “Generate ideas for increasing cash flow in my business.”
  5. “Provide guidance on choosing the right accounting software for my business.”
  6. “Help me understand the tax deductions available for my business.”
  7. “Suggest methods for effective financial record-keeping and organisation.”
  8. “Provide tips for managing business inventory and optimizing stock levels.”
  9. “Help me create a financial forecast for my business for the next year.”
  10. “Suggest strategies for improving accounts receivable and managing customer payments.”
  11. “Provide guidance on setting appropriate pricing for my products or services.”
  12. “Help me understand the financial implications of expanding my business.”
  13. “Suggest methods for evaluating the profitability of different product lines or services.”
  14. “Provide tips for managing business debts and loans effectively.”
  15. “Help me create a financial contingency plan for unexpected business challenges.”
John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.



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