It’s time to switch off for the holidays

Now that Christmas is approaching many of us will be spending time with family and switching off for the holidays. But for business owners this can be difficult. Here Calodagh McCumiskey, owner of Spiritual Earth, gives us some of her top tips to switch off over the Christmas period.

To be at our best in life and in work, quality rest and recharge time is needed. For those of us that work with our heads – switching off is not just as simple as closing the computer or walking away from your desk. Like anything, it is a habit that takes practice and repetition to master.

There are many ways to shift gears mentally. It is an important skill to learn. Quality rest adds enormously to the quality of your life, your performance, the levels of joy and happiness you experience and the relationships you have.

“In sports science, the growth equation for peak performance says that ‘Stress + Rest = Growth’. Without rest or recharge time, we become tired or burned out”

The ability to be present and connect with others and to be there with them and for them, strengthens bonds and everything shared. The biggest gift we can give anyone is our presence.

It has been a challenging year for many in business and at work – with a lot of further uncertainty and financial pressures on the horizon. Many have had to pivot or reinvent themselves to stay relevant and ahead in the market. This can be intense.

If you have been operating in 5th gear mentally all the time, it can take longer to slow down. But it is even more important for those with busy minds.  Quality time with family and friends is key for a fulfilling life. If you are used to being busy all the time without breaks – the brain continues in the same pattern.

In sports science, the growth equation for peak performance says that ‘Stress + Rest = Growth’. Without rest or recharge time, we become tired or burned out and can even get to the point of causing other problems and stresses because of neglect and not taking proper care. With proper rest, at best, we limit our potential by not recharging our batteries. If you want to enjoy quality time with family and friends and if you want to set yourself up for a great year ahead at work and in life in general – quality rest and recharge time is needed.

5 things you can do to switch off:

  1. Spend time in nature – particularly during daylight. Go for a walk near the beach or forest – or wherever you love to go that is nearby.
  2. Do things you enjoy together with family and friends. Play a game. Make something. Cook together. Laugh. Share stories. Reconnect with people you haven’t seen in ages.
  3. Learn to meditate. This is the greatest gift I have ever given to myself. Start with closing your eyes and simply focusing on your breath. If your mind is still busy, give your mind the job of saying (in your mind) as you breathe in – ‘I am breathing in’ and as you breathe out, ‘I am breathing out’. As soon as you notice your mind wandering, go back to focusing on the feeling of your tummy rising and falling and ‘I am breathing in’ …. and repeat. This simple practice can be a game changer. Do it a few times each day for one minute – or however many breaths it takes you to reach or get close to peace and calm.
  4. If you get ideas about work – write them down so you don’t forget them. You can come back to them when you are back at work.
  5. If you have to or want to work, schedule it. Don’t allow it to take over everything. Know that just as athletes need rest time to grow and become better. So do you.

And remember to also take time away from your phone and enjoy the season!

Calodagh McCumiskey is a wellbeing at work specialist and owner of Spiritual Earth  She runs meditation workshops, wellbing workshops and more contact

Calodagh Comiskey
Calodagh McCumiskey is a wellbeing specialist who specialises in stress reduction management. Calodagh runs workshops and speaks on stage around the topic of dealing with stressful situations particularly after man made or natural events.