Seven extraordinary ways to get fit

Do you want to get fit and stay fit but don’t want to join an ‘ordinary’ gym? Here are some extraordinary options available in Ireland. 

Running a business often requires athletic standards of energy and determination. Your body and mind are your most important assets. It’s vital to get them fit and keep them healthy. Here we look at some great alternatives to ‘standard’ gym memberships.

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, Co Carlow

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was founded by former UFC analyst and black-belt instructor Eddie Bravo in 2003. It was one of the first Jiu-Jitsu school systems not to use the traditional gi (in no gi you cannot grab your opponent’s clothing) and has become popular with parents because their children can take part without striking or grabbing their opponents.

Irish Altitude Chambers, Dublin 12, Co Dublin

Irish Altitude Chambers provides altitude training to sports teams, elite athletes, and anyone who wants to get fit. There are some benefits to training at high altitude which include increases in weight loss and fitness levels. Apparently, the reason why high altitude training is so effective is that as you acclimatise to the altitude, you acquire more red blood cells which allow the body to carry more oxygen.

Aspire Gym (Advanced Sports Performance Ireland), Clara, Co Offaly

Aspire Gym is unique. It offers the standard one-to-one training along with strength and conditioning classes. However, it also provides in-depth fitness exam, body and mind retreats and team building events for companies. It also runs outdoor activities for school tours and stag and hen parties.

Unique Ascent, Co, Donegal

Iain Miller founded Unique Ascent and is an instructor across multiple sports which include rock climbing, mountain climbing and hill walking. It runs four courses for people to improve their skills with rock and mountain climbing, starting from a beginner’s class, to courses aimed at people looking to lead climbs. It also offers climbing camps for children.

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Real World Combat and Fitness, Killarney, Co Kerry

Real World Combat and Fitness is a much sought-after fitness and martial arts gym. The group behind Real World Combat and Fitness started as a security consulting firm and tactical training group (Real World Defence Systems) and offered self-protection seminars and workshops around the world. It now provides lessons, classes and private training groups focusing on martial arts, fitness, and health and wellbeing.

Krav Maga Ireland, Dublin city centre

Brought to Ireland in 2001 by Patrick Cumiskey, Krav Maga teaches people how to protect themselves by using the same self-defence techniques deployed by the FBI, the DEA and the Israeli Defence Forces. Since starting its classes, over 17,000 people have taken Krav Maga’s self-defence course, which can be taken across a weekend course, or as a 12-week course.

Main Stage Wrestling Academy, Kylemore Park, Co Dublin

Main Stage Wrestling Academy is one of Ireland’s fastest growing professional wrestling organisations. Pro wrestling in Ireland has grown in recent years due to the success of two Irish wrestlers (Seamus and Finn Balor). Wrestling is an excellent form of fitness and can help you develop skills across some areas including gymnastics, weightlifting and even acting as it is recognised by the entertainment industry.

Guide by Stephen Larkin.

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