Irishman Sam Moffett to vie for global Entrepreneur of the Year title

At the 2024 EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Ireland will be represented by Sam Moffett, managing director and founder, Moffett Automated Storage.

Sam Moffett will depart for Monaco today (4 June 2024). He was named 2023 EY Ireland Entrepreneur of the Year in November last year.

Specialising in providing automated solutions and 24-hour support to clients to make their storage facilities more efficient, Moffett Automated Storge has created disruptive, dynamic solutions that can double warehouse capacity as well as halve energy consumption for cold-storage facilities.

“Sam is a truly inspirational entrepreneur and leads an incredible global business”

A third-generation entrepreneur and engineer, Sam grew up just 50 metres from the Moffett Engineering manufacturing facility in Monaghan. He started Moffett Automated Storage in 2017 with just three employees and has grown that to 65 staff with a hope to grow to 85 employees in 2024, many of whom are based in Monaghan.

“I am honoured to join this impressive group of finalists from across the globe as I represent Ireland in a bid for the prestigious title of EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year,” Moffett said.

“It’s a privilege to get the opportunity to connect with a network of global entrepreneurs, to learn from each other and be inspired by the journey each person has taken to get here.”

The world’s greatest entrepreneurs

The World EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 awards will celebrate 51 visionary entrepreneurs, representing 47 countries, each of whom was chosen as the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year winner in their respective countries and jurisdictions. The overall winner will be announced at a gala awards ceremony in Monaco on Thursday 6 June.

This year, ahead of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 awards, EY surveyed 1,500 global entrepreneurs on key factors impacting their businesses including technology, talent, sustainability and the current economic and geopolitical climate.

“The EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year awards recognises the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Innovative, visionary individuals who have created game changing businesses that are leading the way in their respective industries,” said Roger Wallace, partner lead, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Ireland.

“It’s fantastic to see our own homegrown entrepreneurial talent competing on the world stage. Sam is a truly inspirational entrepreneur and leads an incredible global business. On behalf of EY Ireland and the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni, we wish Sam and the Moffett Automated Storage team all the very best of luck in this year’s competition.”

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John Kennedy
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