A device that spots the risk of heart attack

After losing a close friend due to a heart attack in 2016, Kaushik Shanmugam set about creating a device that could potentially save others from suffering the same fate, and so, he created Lacidem. 

What is Lacidem?

Lacidem is wearable based healthcare company that aims at predicting abnormalities in cardiac patients, even before the symptoms occur using our pattern recognition algorithm which is integrated with our non-invasive wireless wearable patch, that can monitor all critical signs in real time, with maximum clinical accuracy.

Why did you create it?

A friend of mine passed away two years ago due to a heart attack. But the real reason was due to delayed medical attention. It was found that he suffered a cardiac condition previously but was never diagnosed. With further research, the stats were shocking with 40% of the patients needed rehospitalisation within six months after treatment, out of which 26% died. We understood the major reason is lack of awareness of one’s health status and that’s the reason for creating Lacidem.

“Our device can monitor all critical signs in real time, with maximum clinical accuracy.”

What is your background?

I have a Master’s Degree in entrepreneurship and computer science from University College Cork and I have previously founded a startup that helped architects and designers showcase their portfolio online and helped consumers to find their perfect architect or designer.

How difficult is it to create a medical product?

In general, there are many regulations to scale a medical product and I think that gives you the upside as there will be less competition and a significant problem to solve. I believe my product will bring a change in someone’s life and that’s what I consider success. We do not fall under a medical device company as we don’t develop implants or any form of device that provides diagnostics or any form of recovery. We are a monitoring platform and only predict abnormalities and say a condition is likely to occur due to vital stats.

“I believe my product will change lives and that’s what I consider success.”

What are your plans for the product?

The product is currently in the testing stage, but we will be launching a pilot in India in the upcoming months. We are focusing on patients suffering from cardiac conditions but in the future, we hope to work on helping patients suffering from other conditions such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, seizures, strokes and schizophrenia, as all require continuous monitoring. We aim to develop a digital solution for all healthcare needs.

“The idea of starting a business was always in me growing up seeing my dad.”

Who inspires you?

I believe in just one thing, one should have the freedom and ability to do what they love to do. I could work in a nine to five job as long as it’s challenging and I have the freedom to think and execute what I want. Secondly, I love to create something by myself and see it grow. My father is my biggest inspiration. The idea of starting a business was always in me growing up seeing my dad. He’s seen great ups and downs but the most important lesson I learned is to keep going no matter what, and that determination is the only factor will get you where you want to be.

Lacidem was made possible thanks to Ignite Graduate Innovation Centre, University College Cork and the director of Ignite Eamon Curtin. If he hadn’t believed in me, I don’t think I’d be where I am right now.