Workvivo flies high on major employee comms deal with Ryanair

19,000 Ryanair employees will use the Workvivo employee app as their central hub for communications.

Growing Cork tech business Workvivo has signed a major software deal to boost collaboration and engagement among pan-European airline Ryanair’s workforce.

Whether working at airports, on aircraft or behind the scenes supporting the airline, all of Ryanair’s employees at its 90 locations across 37 countries will use Workvivo as their employee experience and communication hub, which will provide them with access to the latest company news, posts and operational resources.

“In organisations all over the world, Workvivo becomes the digital heart and I’m excited to see how Ryanair put their stamp on it”

The platform, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile, will also be used for internal recruitment. 

Founded by John Goulding and Joe Lennon, Douglas-based Workvivo has developed an internal communications platform to increase employee engagement. Workvivo has since won the backing of Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan and last year revealed plans to create 100 new jobs in Cork.

Chocks away for Fleethub

Workvivo, an employee experience platform designed to inform, engage and connect employees, is working with companies globally to elevate the employee experience for everyone. Organisations everywhere are struggling to connect their people after two years of tumult in the workplace. Companies across industries are adopting Workvivo to help staff feel a sense of belonging in their organisation, boosting retention rates and driving employer brand. Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Workvivo is used by organisations like Bupa, TELUS International and Everton FC and is growing over 100% year over year.

“We’re excited for Workvivo to take off at Ryanair,” said Workvivo CEO John Goulding.

“In organisations all over the world, Workvivo becomes the digital heart and I’m excited to see how Ryanair put their stamp on it. We’re on a mission to elevate the employee experience no matter whether you’re working in the cockpit or in the check-in hall. We’re delighted to welcome Ryanair on board with our mission.”

Ryanair has recovered faster from Covid than any other EU airline, having operated over 3,000 daily flights in summer 2022 – 115% of its pre-Covid capacity – and record passenger numbers. The airline will create 2,000 new jobs in Ireland by 2030 and Workvivo will be the central portal for employees each day.

“Ryanair is Europe’s largest airline with over 19,000 people operating from 90 separate bases across 37 countries,” said Ryanair DAC CEO Eddie Wilson. “Quick communication with all of our people is essential, not only for disseminating information in a highly regulated environment, but it also brings informality through a social media format that our people are more familiar with.

“This allows all of our people to communicate with one another, share experiences and understand better what we are trying to achieve here at Ryanair in providing the lowest fares with the best punctuality record and most reliable service in Europe. 

“We are pleased to partner with Workvivo and have branded their product in-house as Fleethub, which is now the fulcrum of all communications within Ryanair. It is easy to navigate, and the platform further enhances employee engagement, connection, and knowledge of company-wide updates. 

“This partnership comes as Ryanair plans to grow from our current 168m passengers to 225m per annum by 2026, which will see Ryanair hire thousands of new staff across the business to support that growth, whilst keeping them informed and engaged in a simple way through Workvivo.” 

Main image at top: Eddie Wilson, CEO, Ryanair; Mariana Fernandes Cardosa Bidarra, Ryanair Cabin Crew; and John Goulding, CEO of Workvivo

John Kennedy
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