Seven signs you’re a workaholic

Do you skip holidays, shun hobbies or constantly check emails on your work phone? If the answer is yes, you could be addicted to your job. 

If you are starting or growing or running a business, it is often impossible to avoid long hours and high levels of pressure. However, this kind of stress isn’t good, no matter how ‘macho’ it is perceived to be. Below are seven signs you may be harming your most valuable asset – your health.

1.    You bring your job home

Passion and dedication are key elements to success in any role. However, it’s also important to have a place away from work where we can unwind; this is usually found at home. While it may sometimes be necessary to bring a piece of work home when a deadline is approaching, when a person starts doing it on a regular basis it could be a sign, they are addicted to their job.  

2.    Not being in work makes you anxious 

Nerves can be good; they can keep you sharp and are a good indication that you care about what you’re doing. However, if you experience anxiety simply because you are away from your desk and are unable to enjoy yourself after hours, there’s a good chance you’re a workaholic. 

3.    You skip holidays 

It’s great to be able to say you love your job, but everyone needs a break now and then. Of course, getting time off can sometimes prove tricky, but if you actively avoid taking holidays instead of more work, you could have a problem.


4.    You don’t take sick days

Having a clean slate where it comes to sick days is commendable. However, if working through an illness puts your health or that of others at risk, you may well be addicted to your job. 

5.    You’re constantly checking your work phone

Keeping on top of your work inbox is important. But compulsively checking for new mail every few minutes is sure sign of work addiction, especially if you keep doing it after regular work hours. 

6.    You’re always in the office

Staying late and doing overtime can mean you’re a team player, willing to go the extra mile to get a project over the line. But it can also say that you’re a little too attached to your desk, especially if the thing you’re working on at 9 pm can wait until the morning. 

7.    You don’t have any hobbies 

Having an interest outside of work allows a person to blow off steam when their job gets too much. When a person doesn’t have one, there’s a good chance his or her work/life balance is off kilter. 

Article by Peter Flanagan. Images from Shutterstock. 

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