Stryve creates 10 new jobs in €1m UK investment

Scaling Carlow cybersecurity and cloud business Stryve moves to fill gap between design and security.

Carlow security and private cloud experts Stryve has partnered with digital communications company Atticus Creative as part of a €1m UK investment. 

The Irish tech firm has created 10 new positions as part of the expansion in its latest move to become Europe’s largest private cloud company.

“Effectively like having an in-house chief information security office, but without the added payroll”

New roles including a Client Director and tech support in Ireland, management and sales roles in the UK, business development, web/app developers and infrastructure specialists across Europe.

Under its rebranded name, Stratticus, the digital comms company is pioneering solutions to fill a gap in the market between design and security.

Stratticus aims to lead the way, developing and managing digital assets with cutting-edge security features as standard for the ever-evolving digital economy. The partnership is setting a new gold standard in digital communications.

Creativity meets security

Stryve CEO Andrew Tobin believes this integrated high-level cybersecurity will become the new normal for businesses managing digital assets, for example, websites, apps, social media, databases and third-party software.

“With an increasingly digital workplace, the new partnership, Stratticus, is where creativity meets security.

“The benefit of the partnership for existing clients is that it can offer in-house information and cybersecurity management as a service. Effectively like having an in-house chief information security Ooffice, but without the added payroll. Stratticus will future-proof web and app development with state-of-the-art cybersecurity putting our client’s digital assets in safer hands.” 

Atticus Creative has an extensive portfolio of established customers, including: The Portland Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, Save our Children, Tearfund, Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

For 10 years, the company has specialised in developing brands and brand communications across print and digital media.

The Carlow-based cybersecurity and private cloud company can add value to the UK company’s established customer base by providing its range of Security as a Service (SaaS) products, for example, secure website hosting through its impregnable hosting infrastructure with hardened security layer.

Likewise, the creative minds behind the digital agency will enhance Stryve clients’ online presence through design, user experience and smart communication via digital assets. 

Within the last year, Stryve has grown from 25 to 40 staff, opened its EU sales office in Poland, successfully tendered for EU Government contracts, certified as a Carbon Neutral Company and was awarded the Best Cybersecurity and Compliance company by Chambers Ireland. 

 “Customer experience is a core value at Stryve. Customers need to know that their data is safe,” Tobin said. “Should a problem occurs, Stryve customers can talk to a real person, day or night, to resolve an issue.

“This dedication to customer service is shared by Atticus Creative and will be brought forward into the new partnership, Stratticus. We also share a people-first approach. Bring expertise and creative thinkers together with a shared vision to deliver world-class cybersecurity, and digital integrity for start-ups and SMEs alike.”

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.