SIRO passes 500,000th broadband premises

SIRO now available in all 26 counties and 130 towns and cities across Republic of Ireland.

Wholesale fibre broadband operator SIRO has passed its 500,000th premises as part of its €1bn rollout.

Naas-based VEI Global, a managed IT services provider, is the 500,000th premises to have access to SIRO’s fibre broadband network – a significant milestone for the Gigabit broadband operator’s roll-out programme.

“For SIRO, today is a significant milestone. However, there are still, many towns, communities, homes and businesses where outdated copper broadband continues to hold them back”

VEI Global provides comprehensive ICT services to a wide range of clients, domestically and internationally.

Empowering hybrid workers

VEI Global collaborates with global integration partners and works with clients such as University College Cork, Phoenix Gas, Lynas Foods, South Dublin County Council, and CIE. VEI is currently in the process of implementing a WAAS solution for the European Parliament, covering an extensive network across 27 countries and 50 sites.

Until now, with limited broadband alternatives available, VEI Global had been dependent on an outdated copper connection while awaiting the arrival of SIRO’s fibre network in their area. However, with the company’s expansion, including the establishment of a 24/7 managed services team, having reliable connectivity has become a critical requirement.

By gaining access to SIRO’s extensive fibre network, VEI Global has successfully resolved latency issues, enhanced productivity, and significantly improved the overall experience for their hybrid workforce.

“The SIRO broadband connection will enhance our company’s productivity and reliability, eliminating the daily frustrations of connectivity lags, dropped calls, and slow uploads,” said VEI global co-CEO and founder Lloyd O’Rourke.

“Having access to real-time statistics is crucial to our managed service offerings as it allows us to proactively address any potential, future issues. We believe in providing solutions that act as long-term enhancements rather than just temporary fixes—vitamins, not painkillers!”

Since SIRO was established in 2015 as a joint venture between ESB and Vodafone, the open-access broadband wholesaler has gone onto establish an alternative telecoms infrastructure in Ireland as part of a billion-euro investment programme.

The full fibre network broadband operator now has over twenty retailers such as Virgin Media, Vodafone and Sky offering its services to half a million homes and businesses across the country.

“Since our early days as a start-up broadband operator, with big ambition and challenges rolling out a new broadband network, our purpose has always been to reach into communities across Ireland and give them access to standard of connectivity as good as anywhere else in the world,” SIRO CEO John Keaney said.

“As we reach 500,0000 premises passed with SIRO’s full fibre network, it is satisfying to see that purpose being realised. Homes and businesses up and down the country accessing our network are living and working in new and more sustainable ways.

“Working from home, staying connected with family and friends or starting or growing businesses where connectivity and digital technologies are becoming the backbone of their operations are all now seamless for customers on our network.

“For SIRO, today is a significant milestone. However, there are still, many towns, communities, homes and businesses where outdated copper broadband continues to hold them back. SIRO remains focused on the work still left to do – to continue our rollout to ensure more homes and businesses can access our network,” added Keaney.

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