Irish digital tech to support 6,000 Rowlands pharmacies across UK

Medihive’s pharmacy technology HasHealth to be deployed across UK in six-figure deal.

The UK’s longest established chain of community pharmacy Rowlands is to deploy technology created by Irish firm Medihive across some 6,000 of its pharmacies.

The move comes as Rowlands Pharmacy strives to provide an improved booking experience for patients and reduce time-consuming administration tasks for pharmacy staff.

“The software provides management flexibility to our staff and the white-label option was perfect because it allowed us to keep customers under our own brand”

HasHealth will be instrumental in achieving this goal as the Irish healthcare software solution provides a seamless booking system, innovative wait-list features, medical pre-screen questionnaires, and resource management capabilities to effortlessly transform everyday workflows and patient experiences.

Healthy digitalisation outcomes

The Irish firm behind HasHealth was known as Webdoctor Limited up until recently when it rebranded to Medihive. It was founded in 2013 by brothers Oisin and Howard Kim alongside co-founders Martin Commins and Dr Sylvester Mooney., an award winning Irish online GP service, is also part of the Medihive group.

HasHealth drives digitalisation by using cutting-edge technology to create a purpose-built platform for community pharmacies. Some of the benefits of the software solution include giving patients the ability to manage their own in-clinic appointments and resource management capabilities such as waiting lists and appointment limits based on vaccine supply and pharmacist availability.

“We pride ourselves on listening to our staff,” states Nigel Swift, managing director at Rowlands Pharmacy;

“Based on feedback, we knew we could do better with our digital proposition for clinical services and flu vaccinations in particular. We considered developing our own system but we were impressed with the wealth of features available with Medihive’s pharmacy product, HasHealth, and how quick and easy it was to set up and integrate with our existing systems. The software provides management flexibility to our staff and the white-label option was perfect because it allowed us to keep customers under our own brand.”

As part of this international, six-figure partnership, Medihive is now supporting over 400 pharmacies and is expected to take on the management of online bookings for up to 5,500 pharmacies in the near future, as the partnership also covers Numark Pharmacy, one of the UK’s largest drug buying groups.

“Medihive’s pharmacy product, HasHealth, is delighted to support Rowlands Pharmacy in its new digitalisation strategy and rollout of clinical services,” said David Crimmins, CEO of Medihive.

“Rowlands Pharmacy has done an incredible job during the pandemic; we believe the industry is perfectly placed to provide front-line support to patients with a range of chronic conditions and support patients in staying healthy.”

Main image: David Crimmins, CEO of Medihive

John Kennedy
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