Neueda acquires UK cloud business Conygre

Neueda expands its global offering with acquisition of cloud engineering training experts Conygre to ‘future-proof’ client teams.

Belfast-headquartered global training and consulting firm Neueda has acquired UK cloud-engineering consultancy Conygre.

The multi-million euro acquisition is part of Neueda’s ambitious growth strategy, scaling its capacity to deliver cloud-engineering training and application modernisation support.

“Together we will help our clients continue to future-proof their teams, strengthening employees’ knowledge and commitment to their companies”

Neueda is the firm that provides upskilling solutions for Morgan Stanley, Citi, Dell and Ericsson.

Conygre provides cloud consultancy services to the BBC, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Visa, Lloyds Banking Group and the NHS among others.

 In the Republic of Ireland, Neuda enhances the training experience for clients such as Skillnet Ireland and Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet by integrating the latest in-demand cloud engineering training and certification into enterprise skills programs. 

Deliberate strategy to be the best at training

“Our 10-year partnership with Conygre delivering training programmes across the Americas, Asia and Europe has given us the opportunity to see them in real action”, says Neueda director and founder, David Bole.

“The team continues to impress us with their cloud-engineering expertise and the acquisition is part of our deliberate strategy to offer the best technology training solutions to the market. Together we will help our clients continue to future-proof their teams, strengthening employees’ knowledge and commitment to their companies.”

With the creation of a ‘two systems’ approach, Conygre has the capacity to greatly enhance the client experience via an infrastructure provisioning platform that enables them to deliver training on any technology, regardless of the computing capabilities of the client.

Neueda will also benefit from Conygre’s Automated Assessment Engine to the portfolio, boosting their ability to verify the effectiveness of their training programmes and provide certification to participants.

“The technology industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, so cutting edge training is key to staying relevant”, comments Conygre CEO, Nick Todd. “Our bespoke training programmes perfectly align with Neueda’s high working standards, making the partnership extremely strategic and robust. A time-tested partnership with Neueda’s visionary pathway proves this a smart alignment in extending our joint technology skills training for customers globally.”

Main image at top: Nick Todd, Conygre CEO; David Bole, Neueda director and founder; and Kevin Corrigan, Neueda COO

John Kennedy
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