Midlands Food & Drink Directory to showcase region’s produce

A new online directory presents more than 100 food and drinks businesses from across the Midlands region of Ireland.

MidlandsIreland.ie has officially launched its Food and Drink Directory.

This comprehensive directory celebrates the rich culinary heritage and diverse offerings of the Midlands region and features over 100 local producers from across Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath.

“This platform showcases the finest food and drink from the heart of Ireland on a national and international stage, highlighting the unique flavours and traditions of our region”

For centuries, the Midlands has been renowned for its tradition in grain milling and distilling, with the region’s food produce influenced by a unique landscape from rolling pastures to lakelands, peatlands and the callows of the Shannon. Today, the diverse land continues to be a hub for award-winning producers, ranging from baked goods, dairy and meats to spirits and organic produce.

Global names such as Tullamore Dew stand alongside household brands like Pat the Baker, Odlums, Kilbeggan Whiskey, Carroll’s, and Glenisk, reflecting the region’s rich culinary landscape.

Leader in organic food

The Midlands is increasingly known as a leader in organic produce, with close to a quarter of producers in the directory being organic-certified. Glenisk, for example, is one of the best-known organic brands in the country and The Merry Mill, Ireland’s first organic gluten-free oat mill, recently won an EU Organic Award for 2023 in the category ‘Best organic food processing SME.’

The Midlands is also witnessing a surge in artisanal producers committed to local, ethical, and sustainable practices. These small businesses are revitalising communities through vibrant farmer’s markets, award-winning products, and unique culinary experiences.

The directory categorises producers into various segments, including bakeries, organics, beverages, dairy, meats, preserves, confectionery, and prepared foods, as well as offering information on farmers markets, catering services, and cookery training.

Other notable producers featured in the directory include Fiorbhia Farm, Ballykilcavan Farm and Brewery, Bowfield Farm, Garryhinch Wood Exotic Mushrooms, Lough Ree Distillery, Mueller O’Connell Bakery, Pigs on the Green, The Village Dairy, The Merry Mill, and Wild Irish Foragers, each contributing to the region’s diverse culinary offerings.

“It’s an exciting time for Midlands Food & Drink, with many producers in our directory winning awards from Blas na hÉireann, the Food Writer’s Guild and more,” said Emmet Kavanagh, Marketing & Communications Manager from Midlands Ireland.

“This platform showcases the finest food and drink from the heart of Ireland on a national and international stage, highlighting the unique flavours and traditions of our region.”

The Directory not only lists contact details and key stockists but also highlights producers open to the public, offering food experiences and direct sales from farm shops.

The Midlands boasts established visitor experiences such as distillery tours, brewery visits, and thriving farmers markets across key towns. With its unspoiled landscape, central location, and vibrant culture, the Midlands is positioned as a premier destination for food enthusiasts and tourists alike.

The directory is a result of the Midlands Food and Drink Strategy, which is aimed at promoting indigenous consumption, exports, and visitor engagement through education, marketing, and business support.

With a focus on sustainability, the strategy aims to make the Midlands the most sustainable food and drink ecosystem on the island by 2030, meeting 2050 environment neutral targets.

Its mission is to create a unified movement to elevate the sustainability, excellence, visibility, pride, and economic impact of the Midlands food and drink proposition.

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