Seven things to do when hiring

How do I hire new staff in Ireland? Here are seven of the most important steps.

Check the paperwork

Make sure your candidate has the legal right to work in the Republic of Ireland. Check their passport, visa or any other relevant paperwork they may have.

Agree on pay

The minimum wage in Ireland is currently €9.15 per hour, though there are exceptions to this like when an employee is a) under 18 b) a close relative or c) a trainee.

Register with Revenue

You are obliged to register as an employer with Revenue within nine days of making a payment to an employee, where that payment is more than €8 per week or €2 per week where the employee has another job. You are obliged to keep a record of every employee employed during the tax year, including their name, address, PPS number and the dates of their employment.

Ask for a P45

Ask for the employee’s P45, and submit part three to Revenue. Where an employee does not have a P45 but has a PPS number, the PPS number must be verified and you must fill out a P46 and submit this to Revenue. Where an employee does not have a PPS number, he/she must apply for one from their local Social Welfare Office.

Provide terms and conditions  

You are not obliged to provide a full written contract of employment to your employee. However, you must give them the terms and conditions of their employment within two months of them starting. Full names of the employer and employee, job title, remuneration, notice period and hours of work should all be detailed.

Get liability insurance

While employer’s liability insurance is not compulsory in Ireland, it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your staff while they are at work. Getting this insurance is one way to cover your liability costs should an employee become injured or sick while they are working for you.

Set up a personnel file

Set up a file to keep an employee’s job-related documents; you are required to keep records in order to show that you are compliant with employment legislation.

Article by Peter Flanagan (@peterflanagan).

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