E-commerce specification template

The ThinkBusiness.ie E-commerce Specification Template will helps you to detail your requirements for an eCommerce website and to source comparable proposals from web development suppliers.

Businesses often fall into the trap of rushing into IT projects without doing sufficient homework on the business requirements, the technology solutions that are available and the potential suppliers in the marketplace.

That approach usually involves risks – projects don’t deliver on their objectives, there can be cost over-runs and sometimes even disagreements with suppliers.

Documenting requirements is a sensible first step to avoiding such risks. Using this template, and the associated ThinkBusiness.ie guides, will help you scope an e-commerce project and select an eCommerce supplier.

The template allows you describe your business, your existing website and your e-commerce objectives. It also allows you to detail your requirements under the following headings – branding, technical, hosting/security, support and training.

It is advisable to seek three quotations from web development suppliers and use the headings in the template to compare like with like.

Use this template in association with these ThinkBusiness.ie guides: