5 data game changers for your business in 2024

As we rev up for a fresh year brimming with new business goals and aspirations, the importance of leveraging our data to achieve these objectives has never been more crucial advises Galvia CEO John Clancy.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland are poised to unlock unparalleled opportunities through the strategic utilisation of their data.

As the CEO of Galvia AI, I’m deeply committed to empowering organisations in their data journey. Seeing it firsthand across various sectors within our client base, from Education to Project Delivery, has underscored how insights pave the way for success.

“I encourage you to unlock the power of your data and pave the way for unprecedented growth and success in the year ahead”

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of setting New Year resolutions centred on optimising data—a fundamental catalyst for progress.

Five Data Resolutions for 2024:

Businessperson working with data.
  1. Get to know your data

The first step toward harnessing the power of data is understanding its current state. Think of it as spring cleaning for your info! Dirty data poses a monumental threat to businesses. A meticulous audit is crucial to assess the quality of existing data. The first task for Galvia when beginning deployment for our clients, we evaluate the systems where data resides, determining its accuracy and relevance. Identify redundant, inaccurate, or irrelevant data fields across platforms, ensuring a streamlined and cleaner dataset.

  1. Set some data rules

Standardisation and constraint setting act as powerful guardians against the onslaught of dirty data. By implementing uniform rules for data representation and entry, businesses can mitigate inconsistencies. Establish mandatory fields, range constraints, and data type requirements to maintain data integrity. This resolution is fundamental in cultivating a robust data ecosystem that fosters trust and reliability.

  1. Let the Machines do the Heavy Lifting

No one likes doing chores, especially not cleaning up data messes. Manual data cleansing is not only labour-intensive but also prone to human error. Investing in automated systems to enrich, clean, and deduplicate data is a game-changer. At Galvia, we leverage our technology to identify anomalies and rectify errors that not only save clients time but also ensure a higher level of accuracy. A cleansing system that eradicates duplicate records is instrumental in maintaining a cohesive, accurate dataset.

  1. Keep it fresh and up-to-date

Data decays at an alarming rate, much like perishable produce. Frequent updates, ideally in real-time, are imperative to keep information relevant and actionable. Embrace third-party tools that facilitate real-time updates, preventing businesses from chasing dead-end leads or contacting obsolete contacts. That way, you’re always reaching out to the right people at the right time.

  1. Team Up and Share the Data Love

Siloed operations often hinder the seamless flow of data across departments. Sales, marketing, and other divisions dealing with customer information should operate in sync.

Look for AI platforms like ours, that come with API Support to easily integrate your existing communication tools and database systems so a new technology overhaul is not required.

Enhanced communication and collaboration among teams also promote a unified approach to data accuracy, fostering trust and efficiency.

In essence, these five resolutions are pivotal in unleashing the potential locked within your data repositories.

As I mentioned earlier, I have witnessed the outcomes upfront. Allow me to share the experiences of two specific clients.

Galvia’s AI platform, utilised by both the University of Galway and NTT Data Business Solutions, revolutionised operations by uncovering critical insights. For the University of Galway, it identified students’ hidden needs, adjusting support services in real-time. Meanwhile, at NTT Data, the platform’s predictive abilities signalled potential project issues by tracking financial performance, enabling proactive action to ensure on-time deliveries and exceeding customer expectations. In both cases, Galvia’s platform offered transparent data analysis, predictive AI for critical alerts, and proactive risk mitigation, fostering tailored solutions and safeguarding project outcomes.

So as you set into 2024, I encourage you to unlock the power of your data and pave the way for unprecedented growth and success in the year ahead.

John Clancy
John Clancy is the founder and CEO of Galvia, an AI-powered decision intelligence platform that draws actionable insights from enterprise data. Since 2017 Galvia (formerly known as Chatspace) has been working with some of the World’s largest companies including Nestlé, Medtronic and Atos. As a serial entrepreneur John is continually identifying new opportunities to make AI accessible to every organisation, big and small. In 2022 he was appointed a board member of the Enterprise Digital Advisory Forum (EDAF) to advise and work with the government of Ireland to drive industry adoption of artificial intelligence. John has won numerous awards for growing companies in different industries. He has a passion for creating successful businesses, building enduring business relationships, value selling, and leading teams.



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