CRO introduces mandatory online filing

From 1 March 2022 18 forms will become mandatory online filings only.

Ireland’s Companies Registration Office (CRO) has confirmed that from 1 March 18 forms covering changes, liquidation, examinership, winding up and more will have to be filed online.

The move is provided for under Section 897 of the Companies Act 2014.

Any forms, which are mandatory online filings, received on or after 1 March 2022 will be returned for re-submission online. 

“Businesses are urged to make themselves familiar with CORE to avoid unnecessary delays,” the CRO said.

The 18 forms are listed below. The CRO said that all other filings which are not listed below continue to be submitted via post until the next phase of online forms are introduced.

Mandatory online CRO forms


  • G1: Special Resolution to Wind up
  • G2: Ordinary Resolution to wind up
  • E2: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s)
  • E2A: Notice of Resignation of Liquidator
  • E2B: Notice of Removal of a Liquidator
  • E2C: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s) following Removal of previous Liquidator
  • E3: Liquidator’s Accounts of Acts & Dealings
  • E4: Liquidator’s Statement of Proceedings and Position of Winding Up
  • E5: Liquidator’s Final Statement of Accounts
  • E6: Return of final winding up meeting
  • E7 – Final Wind-up Meeting – Members & Creditors
  • E8: Notice of Appointment of Receiver
  • E9: Receiver’s Abstract
  • E11: Notice of cessation by receiver
  • Form C6 – Declaration of satisfaction of a charge
  • Form C7 – Partial Satisfaction of a Charge/Judgement Mortgage
  • Form H1: Restoration of a Company
  • Form H15: Application for Voluntary strike-off
John Kennedy
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