Meath whiskey distillery Boann expands to export to 70 markets

A trio of Single Pot Still Irish whiskeys from the family-owned operation is the result of a €30m investment.

Family-owned Meath-based whiskey business Boann Distillery is predicting last year’s revenues of €25m to double in the next five years as it targets 70 new international markets with its latest single pot range.

The range will launch at the Drogheda-based distillery tomorrow (June 21) to coincide with the Summer Solstice.

“This is the beginning of a journey to bring Irish whiskey back to where it once was, to a time when Ireland dominated the world whiskey market”

The three Boann Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey expressions – Marsala, Madeira and Pedro Ximinéz – join a stable of celebrated drinks launched by the family-owned operation, including Silks Irish Dry Gin and The Whistler whiskey brand.

Distilling success

Man sitting beside bottles of whiskey in a distillery.

Boann managing director and founder Pat Cooney

“It was always our dream to craft and distil our very own Irish whiskey in the heart of the Boyne Valley,” said Boann managing director and founder Pat Cooney.

“This is the beginning of a journey to bring Irish whiskey back to where it once was, to a time when Ireland dominated the world whiskey market.

“It is with immense pride that we as a family, together with our great team, can bring this project to fruition following a number of years of major investment.

“We are ready to grasp this huge opportunity to grow our business beyond the markets we currently serve and bring the essence of the land around us to customers across the world.”

Aerial view of the Boann Distillery in Meath, Ireland.

The 700ml whiskey releases, amounting to 12,000 cases, follows the launch of Boann’s limited-release Solstice Pot Still Single Cask in December 2022, which revived the craft of whiskey distilling in Drogheda for the first time in 160 years.

The spirit used to create the three new whiskeys was crowned Best New Make and Young Spirit at the World Whiskies Awards in 2021.

Each was matured in a variety of special casks from Spain, France and the US, giving each of the new whiskeys a distinct flavour profile.

“What we are doing here is writing the next chapter in the fascinating story of Irish whiskey,” said Cooney.

“Our vision is to revive the heritage laid down by the lost distilleries of Ireland, distilling these historic mashbills (recipes) using local ingredients and uniting the past with the future of the craft of Irish Whiskey distillation using modern technology.”

The new offerings are presented in a bespoke package and bottled at 47% ABV with natural colour.

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