BillWinner is creating a global marketplace for bills

BillWinner wants to create a one-stop-shop for bills.

Dublin business BillWinner is building the world’s most comprehensive directory for bills so that its decision engine can match you with the best insurance, broadband, mobile, energy, subscriptions and banking services.

The platform is launching this month in Ireland and Florida and will be rolling out to other markets before the end of 2022.

“We are problem solvers at heart. BillWinner was set up by a team who wanted to make the world a better place for shopping for bills”

“We are building the world’s largest marketplace for bills. Our ecosystem enables customers to get quotes and support from the best businesses,” explained co-founder Cormac Horan.

Insight engine

Horan said consumers will be able to get access to leader boards to get quotes from the top-voted businesses for insurance, broadband, mobile, energy, banking and subscriptions.

“Customers can shop around together and vote for their winning business, manage all their bills in one place, set renewal reminders, obtain support from the community to make smarter bill decisions, benchmark their bills versus households like theirs.

“Businesses can earn winning badges which they can use to win new customers and drive better conversion rates, obtain quality leads, engage and provide support to our community, manage all of their reviews on their business page and make smarter marketing decisions via their dashboard analytics,” Horan said.

Problem solvers unite

The business was founded by Cormac Horan and Fiachra Ó Comhraí.

“We are problem solvers at heart. BillWinner was set up by a team who wanted to make the world a better place for shopping for bills. Back in December 2017 we looked at the internet and saw lots of people shopping alone. We felt people could make smarter decisions if they shopped together!”

BillWinner recently closed a seed round of around €1m, including a €250,000 investment from Enterprise Ireland.

“We have recently commenced an interim round of investment prior to a planned A round in 2023.”

To stay agile, BillWinner keeps things light. “We apply best practice agile methodologies, we use Slack, and we outsource any task that can be better done with external partners.”

Building scalable businesses

Horan believes the start-up ecosystem in Ireland is still evolving. “Teams are getting better at building quality, globally scalable and successful businesses.”

His thoughts on entrepreneurship? “Start-ups are tough. You are trying to develop a market solution that offers unique value to global customers. You are competing against global start-ups that are potentially better funded. All start-ups need to better-funded at the start in order to build and scale faster.”

His advice for fellow founders? “Conduct extensive research in your target market, look for market opportunities. Put an experienced team together. Make sure you are adequately funded. Make sure you are the best in the world at what you do!”

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.