2022 goal setting: Take this year one month at a time

As we begin 2022 and approach almost two years of pandemic working, Moira Dunne urges workers to break the year down into smaller time periods.

The start of the year is usually a time for setting goals and making resolutions.

But as we move from 2021 to 2022, we already have lots of challenges to deal with.

“Instead of drawing up a list of challenging resolutions for the entire year, ask yourself what is practical this month?”

Life is far from normal and will be for some months yet. It is hard to focus on long-term planning at a time like this. My advice in 2022 is to take it one month at a time.

Reflect on 2021

2021 was another unusual year. Following on from the massive shift in our world in 2020, we dealt with home working, hybrid working and continued restrictions. We tried new habits and routines. We found new ways to connect with each other.

New Year is a good time to reflect and take some control as you move into 2022. What worked well for you last year? What would you like to improve in 2022?

Ease into January

January, February and March can be tough months even in normal times. As the excitement of Christmas fades, the weeks can stretch out endlessly in front of us. By breaking the year down into smaller time periods, we can find the motivation to get things done.

Instead of drawing up a list of challenging resolutions for the entire year, ask yourself what is practical this month? Set an achievable target, achieve the target and then you will be motivated to try something else in February.

Step by step

Last year this worked for me. My gentle approach to January with a manageable goal left me feeling rested and energised by the start of February and then I was ready to tackle some bigger challenges.

Sometimes it takes time to get going at the start of the year and that’s okay. At the of each month, reflect and decide what to focus on for the next four weeks. Chose a new theme or habit each month based on how you feel and what you need to get done.

These challenging times won’t last forever. By doing a little planning, you have the power to take control, set small targets and succeed.

Moira Dunne
Productivity consultant Moira Dunne is founder and director of beproductive.ie