What will Dublin be like in 2050?

What kind of city will Dublin be in 2050? That’s the question Dublin Chamber is asking as it plans to create a new blueprint for Ireland’s capital.

Gina Quinn

In a bid to overcome generations of poor planning and a failure to meet the needs of Dublin’s citizens and businesses, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Fujitsu Ireland and Amarach Research, says it will work on a new long-term vision for Dublin. 

“One only needs to consider how much the city has changed over the past 34 years. In 1982 there was no IFSC, the M50 hadn’t been built, and a dart was only something that a Dubliner threw at a board in a smoke-filled pub,” says Gina Quin, Dublin Chamber CEO (above).

“Similar change can be expected over the coming three decades. If Dublin is to be a place in which our children and grandchildren want to work and live, it is essential that we start planning.”

For example, Gerard O’Neill of Amárach Research suggests Dublin could become a global hub for non-government organisations (NGOs).

Dublin Chamber will put its Dublin 2050 vision together using focus groups, original survey data and meta-analysis. The Chamber previously produced two long-term visions for Dublin – for 2010 (published in 1997) and for 2020 (published in 2004).

Images from Shutterstock and Dublin Chamber.