Voiptel voices the digital future of work

Voiptel, a Cork-based business telecoms company founded by two brothers originally from Blarney, is equipping businesses for the virtual and collaborative future of work post-Covid-19.

As businesses everywhere look at getting back on their feet, one thing that will have changed is how people view work and there will be more openness to working remotely and collaborating virtually.

At the forefront of this shift is a Little Island-based business called Voiptel founded by two brothers – Michael and Maurice Twomey from Blarney – that has its finger on the pulse of where communications is heading.

“The basic principles of communication will never change, it must be efficient to drive down costs, simple to use and highly reliable”

Together with technology partner Sky Networks, Voiptel built the Class 5 ENTICE VoIP soft switch system.

The soft switch has been tried and tested by businesses and many telecom operators around the world over the last 10-plus years and is now upgraded to the latest in voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

Sizing the market

“We make business telecoms simple and low cost,” explained co-founder Maurice Twomey. “Our cloud-based phone system allows work teams to collaborate together using a secure shared phone system, even when they themselves may be working from home or on the move.

“The current Covid-19 crisis will transform the way we all work in the future, as companies and employees experience the cost and lifestyle benefits of remote working.”

Twomey explained that once you have an internet connection you can simply connect to the office phone system on any device, (via app or cable connection).

“This allows businesses to operate seamlessly through the cloud, enabling employees to make and receive calls as usual, regardless of whether they are working from home or in the office, staff just plug-in the phone and connect to the ‘unified communications system’. We even provide a virtual switchboard tool which directs incoming callers to the appropriate team member who may be working remotely.”

Return of the natives

Blarney natives Michael Twomey and his brother Maurice Twomey developed valuable experience and insights working in local and global telecoms markets, such as, Spain and South America. “Operating in international markets since the launch of the business (Ireland, Spain, America’s) has provided us with early visibility over the latest technologies and market trends,” Maurice explained.

“We saw the move towards low-cost VoIP in Europe and America since the early 2000’s, while back in Ireland businesses had encountered high telecoms costs and a limited level of service.”

A good place to start

Twomey views Ireland as a vibrant place for new businesses but the team has also ensured that the company is diversified across multiple markets across Europe and the Americas.

“We have self-funded over the last 10 years, which has consisted of personal investment and sales, such as, securing VoIP engineering and trading contracts with global telecom operators and
emerging economies.

“We are now at a point where we will be seeking investment as we are at a market intersection where investment may be helpful to expand the international business.”

Maurice Twomey’s advice for fellow founders is succinct: “Act fast , don’t get dragged in to side offerings, try and let your first mistake be your worst mistake in any given situation.

“Get started, keep it simple, sell what you have at a price that works and get paid on a regular basis.”

Post-Covid-19, Twomey believes there will be a more open-minded approach to enabling teams to collaborate and work remotely.

“The basic principles of communication will never change, it must be efficient to drive down costs, simple to use and highly reliable. Businesses appreciate the value of seamless interaction with their customers.”

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 22 April, 2020