Triangle creates 10 jobs in €1m cybersecurity investment

Irish firm Triangle has created an early warning system to help defend businesses against cyberattacks.

Dublin tech company Triangle is creating 10 new jobs with the establishment of a new cybersecurity practice.

The establishment of Triangle’s Cybersecurity Practice is a key investment area for the company and a critical pillar of its growth strategy.

“You can never be 100% secure.  It really is about being able to recover”

Triangle’s clients can continue to increase their cyber resilience as they grow their businesses thanks to the experience of their trusted cybersecurity partner in assessing and enhancing businesses cybersecurity recovery.

Early warning system

“Triangle’s approach is to focus on providing a robust early warning system that can detect attacks and negate their impact”, explained Brendan Healy, Services Director at Triangle.

“You can never be 100% secure.  It really is about being able to recover.  We have the specialists to build a whole automated flow to protect data and also to automate the recovery.  Establishing the cybersecurity practice is part of our commitment to keep customers safe by keeping their data resilient and recovering their critical data to allow them stay in business.”

Triangle is one of Ireland’s leading independent IT service organisations with a proven track record and long standing customer relationships built on innovation and trust.

Leveraging market leading technologies from some of the world’s largest vendors Triangle delivers solutions to drive capability within enterprise IT in support of clear operational goals.

Triangle, through organic growth and acquisition, has grown strongly in key areas including security and cloud – public and private – to help modernise their customers’ operations.

The new positions include Enterprise Sales, Architecture, Consultancy and Support and Operations and will be fulfilled in 2023.

“The establishment of our cybersecurity specialism underpinned by ISO 27001 best practise is not only to protect against attacks, but also mitigate damage in the aftermath of a breach,” Healy said.

“Through our cybersecurity practice, business owners can access competent cyber experts with experience in protecting and recovering business data.”

John Kennedy
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