Tips on exhibiting at events

Maria Morgan from Esker Fields shares some words of wisdom on how to be successful when exhibiting at events.

“I have often receive orders online from people I met at markets/fairs who didn’t purchase on the day but have second thoughts later”

It was great to be back exhibiting again at Christmas Markets again last year. 

I have learned a number of simple things that if you implement will ensure you a more successful experience.

Know the purpose of the event

You must know the purpose of the event is it a trade fair or a fair for the general public.  This will determine how you lay out your stand. Do you want the people to be able to walk into your stand or will you have a counter where you can talk and potentially sell to public.

Generally, in trade only events it is advisable not to have a counter as this can act as a barrier to retailers coming into your stand to look at your products.

Ensure you are exhibiting at the right event for your products this is very important.  You can have the best product in the world but if you are not where your target audience is then you are wasting your time.  This can really knock your confidence.  I am much more discerning about the offers I am presented with – having made many mistakes along the way.

How to set up correctly

When you are setting up your stand you should look at it from a customer’s point of view. Is it clear what you are selling? Is your stand visibly attractive, would it entice you to call to the stand? Are the prices visibly displayed?  It is a good idea to get someone else to look at your stand because we can be too close and can’t see the wood for the trees.

You stand should be reflective of your brand is the layout, colours used etc should be in keeping with your logo, ethos of your products.

Your stand should be clutter free no unsightly boxes or bags should be left lying around hide them away. Ensure your products can be clearly seen and be attractively presented.

Welcoming people

It is essential that you and your staff or representatives actively welcome people to the stand. It is up to you to entice people to your stand if you don’t do it who is?  People do business with people when you strike up a conversation with some one you have an opportunity to talk about your products/services and the more likely you are to get a sale.

Have fliers or business cards include these with every purchase so people know where to reorder.  They are good to hand out to the public who are unsure whether to buy or who ask you for a card.  I have often receive orders online from people I met at markets/fairs who didn’t purchase on the day but have second thoughts later.

Finally, my advice is to relax, enjoy it have fun and engage with other exhibitors be helpful because after all everyone there is for the same reason, to sell products/services.

Main image: Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

Maria Morgan
Maria Morgan is a trained professional aromatherapist, reiki master and bio energy therapist and has her own therapy practice. Recovering from a stress-related illness, Maria started her own business which was using the ingredients that she used to help her recovery in a physical, mental and emotional level. Based in County Louth, she is a farmer’s wife and mum of two boys.