Thinking Business with Darren Kearney

Darren Kearney is a self-taught freelance web developer, who is also a leading figure in the gaming scene in Galway. 

Last year, while working as a web developer, Darren organised and ran several game jams under the Galway Game Jam name. 

This year he has been involved in running a monthly game development meet up called 1GAM Galway and recently ran the first 1GAM game jam. He’s currently experimenting with game development technologies and plans to start his own small business next year.

What would your typical day involve?

Make a plan. I immediately don’t follow it but get at least one thing done. Generally, a healthy breakfast, get stuck into some programming, then emails and social media and later something else, either music or drawing. The highlight of my week is counselling.

“I believe that there is a shift away from victimising and shutting down victims towards calling out bad behaviour in leadership and HR departments.”

What are you passionate about?

Technology, music and art.

What are your aims?

To make a small game development studio that’s a fun and inclusive place to work. To continue making events that are as open and inclusive as I can. I guess the ambition is to contribute as much as I can to make the games industry and tech industry less sexist and horrible.

What trends do you see emerging?

Women empowering other women, and louder voices calling for change. It’s been there a long time without change, unfortunately. But I believe that there is a shift away from victimising and shutting down victims towards calling out bad behaviour in leadership and HR departments. It can only be a good thing.

What would you like to see more of?

Games featuring difficult topics, and more writers taking advantage of the medium.

What are you driven by?

I’m not sure, maybe the challenge and sort of proving something to myself. I’m not really motivated to do anything else.

Who inspires you in business?

In no particular order off the top of my head; Tom Francis, Brenda Romero, Vicky Lee, Kate Compton, Anna Antropy, Rami Ismail, Edmund McMillan, Ian Dunbar, Paul Conway, Sam Redfern, Rebecca Cordingley and Jennifer Hale.

What three things would you bring if you were stuck on a desert island?

A weird question for me. Does it have internet access? Sunscreen because I’d be lit up. A large sheet of plastic because of shelter, water collection and food storage, and a sharp knife because you need one to start making anything. I would hate to be stuck on a desert island, I like modern conveniences too much. I suppose I’d try to be practical and survive dealing with it one problem at a time. I’d probably make instruments our something to keep me occupied.