Tekenable invests €250k to help businesses embrace AI

Tekenable investment to help businesses unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence.

Scaling Irish tech business Tekenable has invested €250,000 in a new platform called Chat With Your Documents to allow businesses to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) by supporting staff in their day-to-day tasks

The customised Microsoft Azure-based AI application Chat With Your Documents, uses the latest Azure OpenAI technology, guarantees privacy and security and is GDPR-compliant.

“Up to 70% of corporate knowledge is locked up in documents, not in formal databases like ERP and CRM, and search is not sufficient to unlock it”

TEKenable’s solution analyses documents, extracts key information, and provides valuable insights and information in a collated response that answers questions with a response that blends the relevant content from multiple sources into coherent answers.

Unlocking business knowledge using AI 

“Up to 70% of corporate knowledge is locked up in documents (unstructured data), not in formal databases like ERP and CRM, and search is not sufficient to unlock it,” explains Peter Rose, CTO at TEKenable.

“We developed Chat With Your Documents to solve a real business problem: every research report, sales proposal, strategy, product or project document contains valuable institutional knowledge that is progressively lost from an organisation as people leave, and this information is very hard or even impossible for new joiners to acquire.”

Chat With Your Documents makes this information accessible and offers the capability in two different forms, one for internal use, to support staff with their day-to-day tasks, and one that is externally facing, to help customers, for example, better understand a company’s products.

Chat With Your Documents can stand-alone or seamlessly integrates with existing line of business systems ensuring institutional knowledge is accessible at all times.

“Chat With Your Documents is the result of TEKenable’s objective to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence in the most effective manner to provide cutting-edge tools, as the process of evolution is ongoing and unceasing,” Rose explained.

“Using Chat With Your Documents allows users to experience innovative work efficiency by obtaining comprehensive information from previously unusable corporate knowledge.”

Main image at top: Peter Rose, CTO, Tekenable

John Kennedy
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