2022 Launchbox student entrepreneurs

We look at the 2022 cohort of student entrepreneurs taking part in this year’s Launchbox accelerator at Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace.

Every summer LaunchBox, Trinity’s student accelerator, offers student entrepreneurs €10,000 in equity-free funding and a place on the three-month programme. Follow how these start-ups get on here.

LaunchBox, in partnership with Bank of Ireland, and managed by experts in Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, provides mentorship, funding, access to alumni and investors, and the ideal collaborative environment to launch new start-up ventures.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Diary of a Student Entrepreneur series which charts some of the teams’ reflections as they prepare for the upcoming Demo Day.


“Increasing sales and conversion using data science”

AbsolutelyAI is a no code data science tool that helps increase sales and conversion on e-commerce stores

Team: Sriom Chakrabarti – Co-founder, Mayank Bajoria- Co – founder


“Empowering the future of fashion”

Ecode offers fashion brands a tool to communicates sustainability efforts and connects with consumers in a new circular way of valuing clothing.

Team: Emmet Lowry – Co-founder / Nathan Gaborieau – Co-founder / Elise Vens – Co-founder


“Teach to Learn”

A peer-to-peer social network for learning skills and achieving goals. Our vision is to enable every able person to teach and earn, be it simply their mother tongue. By doing this, we offer affordable personal mentors for even highly specific goals, while building a

Team: Ali Rizvi, Founder, Alina Zavgorodniaia, CMO, Akash Shanker, CTO


“A frictionless way to fight food poverty”

Givedish provides a “get a dish, give a dish” model to allow consumers to vote with their actions in the fight to end food poverty both locally and globally.

Team: Cian McGlynn – Co-founder, Olwyn Patterson – Co-founder

Imprint Esports

“The Esports Player Analytics Solution”

Imprint Esports aims to help esports teams hire more successful players by providing an enterprise platform for analysing esports player performance data.

Team: Peadar Kenny – Co-Founder Adam Farrell – Co-Founder Liam Junkermann – Co-Founder


“We are Asos with a conscience”

Luup makes sustainable fashion more accessible by aggregating vetted brands you are actually proud to wear. When shopping with us, you can’t help but be sustainable.

Team: Jonas Hellberg – Co-founder, Emilie Audran – Co-founder, Leya Carle – Co-founder

Navigate Health

“Maximising 1 click”

Navigate Health makes self-reporting symptoms, medication and life-style factors easier for patients with chronic disease, requiring as few clicks as possible. This information can then be used by healthcare professionals to personalise treatment.

Team: Donnacha Binchy, Co-Founder Robert Burke Co-Founder


“Encrypted file requesting made simple”

Netsso enables clients to work worry-free, with maximum efficiency by streamlining the information requesting process during corporate transactions on an e​ncrypted cloud platform.

Team: Eoin O’Doherty – Founder/CEO John Huggard – CTO Hugo O’Reilly – COO Isabel Golden – CMO


“Optimising a better future”

Qutrip wants to develop and provide quantum computing solutions to problems in logistics.

Team: Cormac McKinstry – Founder, Aiden Perdue – Classical Lead


“Making everyone count”

Script helps immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and anyone who struggles to complete government forms to do so, in their native language.

Team: Diana Hrisovescu – CEO | Founder Shay McDonnell – COO | Co-Founder

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