Irish tech firms taking a bite of the Big Apple

Are you an Irish tech company with ambitions to enter the US market? Read on.

Bank of Ireland has opened startlab NYC, an incubation space that will help Irish startups enter the US market and grow their businesses.

Located in Manhattan, the new startlab will act as a working and meeting space for innovative Irish tech startups.

Pulsate, Axonista and Deposify (see videos below) are the first three Irish firms selected to join startlab NYC.

Meet the first three Irish tech firms selected for startlab NYC

Patrick Leddy, CEO of Pulsate describes how he intends to scale his company in North America with startlab, powered by Bank of Ireland.

Claire McHugh CEO of Axonista speaks about her business and how she intends to scale.

Jon Bayle, CEO of Deposify on his business and how he intends to scale in North America.

 Invaluable support

“Having a free, professional, and highly sought after location to work from, in a city of real growth potential, is an invaluable support for entrepreneurs,” says David Tighe, head of innovation, Bank of Ireland.

startlab NYC

“Moving into the American market can be a daunting experience for an Irish startup. Our team in New York, along with our innovation team and technology sector specialists in Dublin, will give the companies who join startlab NYC all the support they need to scale their business, seek investment and – ultimately – grow and succeed stateside.”

It all started in Galway

The incubator, specifically for scaling startups, is an extension of existing Bank of Ireland facilities available in several locations in Dublin, and in Cork, Limerick and Galway, such as Workbench and startlab.

READ MORE about startlab in Galway. 

Pictured are Tom Hayes, CEO of corporate banking at Bank of Ireland; Claire McHugh, CEO and co-founder of Axonista; Jon Bayle, founder of Deposify; and David Tighe, head of innovation at Bank of Ireland.