Caring for tomorrow: Mayo’s St Attracta’s Residence expands

Mayo nursing home St Attracta’s Residence is expanding its number of beds to care for the needs of today as well as the growing elderly population of the future.

With support from Bank of Ireland, St Attracta’s Residence in Charlestown, Co Mayo, will extend its facilities with the addition of 15 new bedrooms.

It will also convert 10 existing double rooms into single rooms.

“As a family-run nursing home, we and our team are wholly dedicated to continuing to provide the highest standard of care to those who live here”

Established and operated by the Donohue family since 1992, St Attracta’s Residence is a purpose-build care facility that currently caters for 70 residents.

The nursing home has a strong reputation for quality care and specialises in care for long-term, short-term, convalescent, respite, post-operative, palliative and end of life care.

Caring for the needs of tomorrow

St Attracta’s is equipped with advanced healthcare equipment, energy efficient systems and provides a warm bright living environment for residents.

The nursing home’s staff are experienced and skilled at delivering care for patients with dementia.

At present St Attracta’s Residence has 36 single en suite bedrooms with 17 double bedrooms. Facilities include one large sitting room, a large dining room, two combined sitting and dining lounges, a nurse’s treatment room, two visitor rooms, resident activity room, a hair beauty salon, spacious storage facilities, large in-house laundry, a chapel and a visiting area.

“St Attracta’s Residence is delighted to confirm the expansion of the nursing home with the backing of Bank of Ireland,” said Trina Donohue, general manager at St Attracta’s Residence.

“As a family-run nursing home, we and our team are wholly dedicated to continuing to provide the highest standard of care to those who live here. We are committed to remaining an integral part of the local community and a key provider in the provision of excellent care in Mayo.

“A key priority for our business was to ensure that we were building a relationship with a finance partner who supported and understood the nursing home sector. It was a pleasure to deal with the whole Bank of Ireland team and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.”

The investment is prescient, says Grainne Henson, head of Health Sector at Bank of Ireland, given Ireland’s evolving demographics and our growing elderly population.

She explained that the old age dependency ratio (the number of persons over 65 as a percentage of the number of persons of working age 15-64 years old) in Mayo was 28.3% in 2016 compared to the average of 20.4 across Ireland Mayo and Leitrim were the top two counties with the highest old age dependency ratios and this results in a greater demand for nursing home beds in these counties.

This increased demand is evidenced across Ireland with the number of residents aged 65 years and older in nursing homes increasing by 9.4% to 22,762 persons in 2016.

Henson said that with its strong reputation for the delivery of high quality care, St Attracta’s Residence is optimally positioned to capitalise on ensuing demand.

“St Attracta’s Residence is at an exciting phase as it soon develops to accommodate more residents, providing them with the renowned high-quality care that it is known for,” Henson said.

“This development will not only benefit those additional residents but will also have a positive impact on the community as a whole. We are so proud to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have.”

Henson’s colleague Pat Purcell, senior relationship manager, Bank of Ireland Business Banking Origination Team, added: “St Attracta’s Residence is renowned for the quality of care it provides to its residents, and Bank of Ireland are delighted to be able to support Martin, Trina, and all the team, in the expansion of its care offering in Charlestown. Bank of Ireland looks forward to supporting St Attracta’s Residence into the future”

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