Are pen pinchers the scourge of the office?

Survey finds 85% of Irish workers have ‘pen pinching’ colleagues.

Almost nine-in-10 Irish workers have had colleagues pinch a pen from their desk and 70% admit that they too have taken a co-workers’ pen.

Irish-owned office supplies specialist Codex has conducted research uncovering the daily habits of Irish workers, celebrating an office stationery product that is often overlooked – the humble pen.

“From light-hearted pen pinching to taking notes and signing important documents, there’s a reason pens are still one of our best-selling stationary items”

The survey of over 600 Irish office workers found that even in the digital age, Irish workers still rely on a trusty pen and paper for taking notes. In fact, 65% of survey respondents still have up to five pens on their desk, while 30% have more than six pens to hand, showing that pens are still essential office supplies.

Codex is a leading business- to-business office solutions supplier specialising in office supplies , print and office furniture. It works with customers large and small, to support them however and wherever they work to consolidate suppliers, reduce costs and streamline ordering across their business.

Pen and paper still thrive in a digital age

The survey went on to find that 85% of workers have a favourite pen, opting for models that write smoothly (51%), fit perfectly in their hand (22%) or are branded/company pens (13%). When it comes to ink colour, black is the top choice for two-thirds of respondents (62%), followed by blue ink for less than 30%. Many employees still take pride in their pens, with 1 in 4 workers willing to spend over €10 on a good writing pen.

The Codex survey revealed that ‘pen pinching’ is a common occurrence in Irish offices, with 85% of workers reporting that colleagues have swiped a pen from their desk and over 70% confessing that they have taken a pen from co-workers.

The survey explored other items that employees have pinched from their offices including staplers, calculators, plants, toasters, and even a Christmas tree! However, certain items are seen as un-pinchable, with 1 in 2 respondents agreeing that personal food is off-limits, followed by favourite mugs (1 in 4).

“We had a lot of fun with this survey, but it also shows the enduring value of the humble pen, even in our digitally-dominated office lives,” says Emily McKenzie, head of Marketing at Codex. “From light-hearted pen pinching to taking notes and signing important documents, there’s a reason pens are still one of our best-selling stationary items.

“This week, the Codex team will be out and about in Dublin city centre, handing out pens to busy worker bees,” says Emily. “We’re also hosting a great competition on local Dublin radio that gives Irish workers the chance to win lots of cool prizes so make sure you tune in – and keep a close eye on your favourite pen.”

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