Ireland wants you … To bolster its national cybersecurity

Munster Technology University is offering scholarships worth €38k for cyber innovation experts who could also become company founders and job creators.

The €7m Cyber Innovate Initiative from Munster Technology University is offering scholarships worth up to €38,000.

MTU Cyber Innovate, an innovation and entrepreneurship programme has put out a call for 2024 applicants.

“We envisage the graduates from this programme will initiate a new wave of cyber security innovation and entrepreneurship in the region”

Successful applicants will be invited to join the 10 month programme where they will receive a tax free scholarship of €38,000 and will be provided with the necessary skills to evaluate, select and validate ideas for new cybersecurity products and services which will contribute to the creation of new start-ups and innovations.

In February the new MTU Cyber Innovate initiative was unveiled with a €7m investment. It is hoped the investment will see MTU .replicate in cybersecurity for the Cork region what medtech did for Galway. As such, it is hoped the investment will also spur new company formation and job creation.

Cybersecurity entrepreneurship

When finished they will also graduate with a postgraduate qualification in Cyber Security Innovation from MTU.

The 10-month long-programme aims to graduate 12 to 15 innovation experts each year. The €38,000 scholarship is tax-free.

“We are delighted to be working with Enterprise Ireland and our industry partners to deliver this exciting new entrepreneurship training programme,” explained Josette O’Mullane, MTU Enterprise & Innovation manager.

“This programme complements our existing suite of enterprise development programmes. Participants will be co located with many other entrepreneurs in the Rubicon Centre here in MTU.

“In working with leading cybersecurity educators, researchers, innovators, and industry champions, we envisage the graduates from this programme will initiate a new wave of cyber security innovation and entrepreneurship in the region” said Josette O’Mullane

Decoding the Cyber Innovate Initiative

Who should apply?

Participants do not need to have a cyber security or IT background to apply. The purpose of the programme is to form teams o with combined abilities to produce the best cyber security innovations/startups. Those from IT, humanities and business  are welcome to apply.

Practical learning and experience

This is a 10-month, full-time specialist programme dedicated to cybersecurity entrepreneurship and innovation. Inspired by the needs-led innovation approach first pioneered by Stanford University, the programme steers multidisciplinary teams through the entire innovation lifecycle. This journey spans  the initial identification of cybersecurity needs to the design and prototyping of viable solutions, and ultimately the creation of new startups.

Immersive Environment

Centred around the Cyber Innovate Immersive Environment (CIIE),   participants will be immersed in real-world cybersecurity challenges and functions. Teams of individuals from cybersecurity, IT, business, and humanities backgrounds will collaborate to uncover unmet needs within the cybersecurity sector, leveraging their diverse expertise to develop groundbreaking solutions.


Throughout this process, participants are supported by a robust mentorship network, including industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, venture capitalists, and academics. Participants will also have access to MTU’s world class cyber security infrastructure including the Cyber Range and Q Cloud. This support, coupled with scholarship support from Enterprise Ireland, ensures participants are well-equipped to translate their innovations into successful startups, contributing significantly to the global cybersecurity landscape.

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