32 jobs as Konversational embarks on European expansion

Expansion into Europe by Konversational could generate potential revenue growth of €5m.

Irish technology consultancy firm Konversational is expanding into Europe with the opening of new offices in France, Germany and Switzerland.

The move is part of strategic commercial plans by Konversational to capitalise on the demand for customer experience technology management, and specifically in France and Germany, which account for over a quarter of the total EU market.

“We are moving into a new growth phase for the company and are looking to build on the back of several significant client wins across the UK and Ireland”

The development will see the tech consultancy opening offices in Paris and Nantes, Frankfurt and Zug in Switzerland with the creation of 32 new roles, primarily in programming and technical consulting. Konversational have ambitions to increase employee numbers to over 100 within the next 18 months, based on estimated projections.  

Globally, the customer experience management market is valued at over €10bn and growing rapidly as companies look to fast-track investment in digital infrastructure and keep pace with customer communications preferences. 

Going with the digital workflow

Founded in 2020, Konversational is the largest and most experienced company working with ServiceNow, the world leading digital workflow company in customer workflow technologies, in Ireland and the UK. 

This latest announcement builds further on its growing reputation, with the company only recently announcing a technology deal worth over €3m with IT solutions provider Ergo, the Dublin headquartered firm which employs over 700 people globally.

As an Elite partner of ServiceNow, Konversational act as the preferred deployment and implementation partner of ServiceNow customer workflow technologies, which enable enterprise companies to increase efficiencies, automate services and provide an enhanced customer service offering as part of large-scale digital transformation projects. 

“We are moving into a new growth phase for the company and are looking to build on the back of several significant client wins across the UK and Ireland,” said John Gilleran, managing director of Konversational.

“Now is the right time to expand our market offering and to capitalise on the significant demand for customer experience management technologies.  

“Since our foundation, we have enjoyed triple digit growth, owing to the priortisation of digital infrastructure investment by companies, who recognise the importance of harnessing the potential of technology to drive efficiencies and deliver an enhanced customer service offering in a competitive marketplace.”

Main image at top: Vincent Guiheneuc, Continental Europe VP, Konversational, Richard Guy, Services Director, Konversational, John Gilleran, Managing Director, Konversational and Johann Terrier, Continental Europe VP 

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