Grow your farm without buying land

We are in an age where you can expand your farm and grow your business without buying land. This is good news for young farmers. 

The upcoming review of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will bring changes to the supports available to farmers across the European Union. More support will be given to farmers who are actively producing food.

This will give Irish farmers real business development opportunities. Adding to this, are the recent tax changes to allow the development of long-term, land leasing opportunities in Ireland.

“Young farmers may be drawn to the possibility of forging a joint venture agreement with an older landowner.”

As a result, we are now in an age where real expansion can be secured at an individual farm level without the need to actually buy land. You can apply for finance here.  

apply for a loan ireland

The links and orange button will bring you to a loan application page from Bank of Ireland. Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and terms and conditions apply.

Flexible farms 

The business options to make this happen are very diverse. Young farmers, for example, may be particularly drawn to the possibility of forging a joint venture agreement with an older landowner.

Proper planning is everything and the potential for new and flexible farm development programmes will be encouraged. 

A good farm adviser can work with a farmer to help them come up with the development plans that best suit their needs.

Having a viable business idea is one thing – actually putting into operation is something else entirely. So if you are committed to growing your own farm business, why not contact your local Bank of Ireland branch and let them help convert your plan into a profitable reality?

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