Graduates can help SMEs to be cutting-edge

Trinity-based Learnovate launches ‘Work Ready Graduate Programme’ to help Irish businesses embrace cutting-edge learning technology.

The new programme, supported by Enterprise Ireland, places graduates with Learnovate member companies for 12 months where they receive real-world work experience in the learning technology sector.

The graduates work within a partner company on a project focused on, or involving, a learning technology solution while being mentored and supported by senior researchers at the Learnovate Centre.

“This programme allows companies access to a resource whose skill set can mobilise their projects”

Learnovate is a leading global future of work and learning research hub based in Trinity College Dublin. This is the first year Learnovate has run the Work Ready Graduate Programme.

Funded from 50% to 70% by Enterprise Ireland, the programme currently has six graduates working for companies including ALPACA; Akari; Adaptemy; Hibernia and SkillsVista.

“This programme allows companies access to a resource whose skill set can mobilise their projects while leveraging the Learnovate approach and benefiting from Learnovate’s expert mentorship, said Nessa McEniff, director of Learnovate.

“The Learnovate Work Ready Graduate Programme (WRGP), which we plan to run for at least three years, allows us to help our member companies reap the benefits of Learnovate’s expertise and insights into the latest developments in the learning technology space.”

Real-world experiences lead to real-world products

Learnovate is now actively recruiting eight new graduates for Year 2 of this programme, with a closing date of Wednesday, 31 July, 2024.  Further information and details on how to apply are available here

To be eligible, candidates are required to have a minimum of a level 8 degree in a relevant field and an interest in Education, User and Learner Experience, Learning Technologies, and/or Instructional Design. They also should have completed their course or graduated between 2020–2024. 

Participants in the programme are hosted by a partner company and supported by the Learnovate team while working on a project focused on, or involving, a learning technology solution to be used in a corporate learning or formal education environment.

During their placement, the graduates receive real-world work experience, business skills training, one-to-one mentoring, access to the latest knowledge and techniques on the future of work and learning, and a thorough grounding and training in modern business and software design best practices.

One example of a recent placement was that of Olgu Saglik who was placed with Akari Software. Akari Software designs and builds software to assist universities digitalise and manage their curriculum data.

“Since Olgu joined Akari Software I have found her to be very focused, team oriented and really motivated to learn. This is all the more impressive as she works remotely,” said Paul Hederman, director of Customer Success at Akari Software.

“Currently, she is working on creating a detailed company-wide resource for all WCAG 2.2 accessibility criteria that defines what the criteria is in practice and how it can be tested by various teams within Akari Software. This is important work for the Akari Product Team and we are delighted with the real added value she is bringing to this project. We are also delighted that she sees the value to her own career progression too.”

Saglik added: “I was attracted to this programme for several key reasons. Firstly, the chance to receive training from Learnovate and other respected institutions is invaluable in enhancing my expertise.

“Additionally, the opportunity for a placement within an Ireland-based edtech company is particularly appealing to me as I am passionate about contributing to the growth and innovation of Ireland through my work. Overall, this programme offers a platform for me to enhance my skills, gain valuable experience, and make a meaningful impact by improving user experiences in the realm of education technologies.”

Main image at top: Olgu Saglik and Szymon Pawlica, successful participants in Learnovate’s new Work Ready Graduate Programme funded by Enterprise Ireland

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