Another set of Creaven siblings freshen up dentistry business

Galway Dental Group launches following a €1.5m investment into the 4,000 sq ft state-of-the-art clinic situated on Sean Mulvoy Road in Galway City.

A new multidisciplinary clinic Galway Dental Group, which aimed at bringing specialist dental care to the west of Ireland, has been established.

Founders Dr Alma and Paul Creaven, siblings of Dr Vanessa and Lisa Creaven, the dynamic duo behind Spotlight Oral Care, have launched the new dental clinic in Galway City Centre, offering cutting-edge dentistry merged with the latest technological advances.

“Having worked in the dental industry for over two decades, we understand patients’ concerns from sedation to cosmetic dentistry”

With Drs Creaven combined clinical dental experience of over 25 years, the expert and technology-led Galway Dental Group clinic will deliver premium dental care and treatments with a focus on sustainable dentistry, orthodontics, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, and sedation, as well as in-depth consultations with in-house treatment coordinators to ensure patients are informed and at ease before, during, and after treatments. 

Galway Dental Group aims to provide its patients with the best in modern dentistry and providing the highest standard of treament.

The future-proofed clinic offers the latest technologies, including AI-powered smile architecture, where patients can get a visual representation of their treatment outcome at the consultation stage. 

A new era of painless dentistry

“We are delighted to welcome patients to Galway Dental Group and provide a much-needed service to those based in Galway and the neighbouring counties,” said Dr Alma Creaven.

“Having worked in the dental industry for over two decades, we understand patients’ concerns from sedation to cosmetic dentistry. We wanted to create a welcoming and inviting space that offered transparency and education at every step, from procedural costs to treatment outcomes and everything in between. At Galway Dental Group, we want to showcase a new era of dentistry that focuses on sustainable and innovative dental care using the latest technology, delivering premium dental, orthodontic, sedation and cosmetic services in a calm and nurturing environment.” 

The new clinic also boasts a range of in-house technologies, which include a state-of-the-art scanner that can detect decay without the need for an x-ray, making it suitable for pregnant and vulnerable patients, as well as an air transfer system that transfers clean air into the clinic six times an hour, which is designed specifically to prevent the spread of infection. 

Inspired by nature, the sustainable elements of the Galway Dental Group clinic create an inviting and serene environment that caters to both the practical needs of a dental practice and the emotional well-being of patients.

The addition of solar panels underscores this commitment to environmental responsibility, while the design brings the outdoors in with a neutral colour palette of sage combined with serene landscape wallpaper, wooden beams, oak wood, and chevron flooring to create a sense of calm and elegance in the space. 

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