Your startup needs a website not just a Facebook page

Having a business Facebook page is all very well, but it’s not enough. Your startup needs a website.

You have a splendid idea, your market research is robust, you’ve created your lean Business Model Canvas and devised a killer sales strategy, so now it’s time to launch. 

Before you do, though, ask yourself: ‘How do I look online’? Here are seven good reasons why your startup needs a website.

1: You have full control

Having and owning your domain name, website, email address and communications database means you are in full control. 

Many small businesses think a Facebook page will suffice. However, don’t assume that your target audience is on older social networks. It’s much better if you are easily found on Google

Your website is your digital business card. At any given time your next client, or investor, could be looking for you online.

2. It doesn’t have to be expensive

Having a website doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These days there are very robust out-of-the-box solutions that offer domain names, website hosting, website templates and e-commerce solutions.

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3: Your customers are online and searching

You may not need to, or want to sell online, but your customers are making purchase decisions based on their online searches. 

Your website is also your digital business card. At any given time your next client, or investor, could be looking for you online.

4. You can measure how you’re performing

Having a website means you can monitor traffic to, and around, your site. 

You can add Google Analytics tracking to any website, and begin collecting valuable information on your visitors’ habits, as they view and navigate your site. In turn, this then feeds into your sales and marketing strategy. 

5. You’re always open

With a website, you are always open for business. Customers can easily find you, learn more about you, buy directly from you, or just reach out to you if they need to. 

If you are selling online, you are selling 24/7. 

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6. Your brand and its voice have a home

Having a brand voice, creating cool content and distributing it across all your digital platforms will boost you up the Google rankings. 

Give your customers engaging and useful content and you will have them coming back. 

7. Your competitors are online

If you think a Facebook page for your business ‘will do’, you can be sure your competitors don’t think the same way. You need to be just as present and competitive as they are, in every digital space that they inhabit. 

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