Expleo invests €1m help businesses sharpen leadership skills

Team of 80 experts from Expleo will deliver over 62 leadership programmes from Ireland to businesses in Ireland and across the globe.

Business, engineering and tech consulting player Expleo is to invest €1m in a new leadership development service in Ireland.

‘Leading with Leadership’ will provide tailored leadership masterclasses, workshops, and coaching for Expleo’s existing and prospective clients, strengthening its role as a trusted advisor and enhancing client relationships.

“When businesses sharpen their leadership skills, they’re not just driving organisational change, they’re creating an environment where everything else just clicks”

The new offering addresses the crucial shortage of quality leadership and management development programmes in the market.

Three-quarters of business leaders identify driving cultural change and digital-first mindset adoption as a key challenge to successful business transformation initiatives, according to Expleo’s recent Business Transformation Index.

Forging leadership

The new service offers a comprehensive suite of leadership programmes covering communication, personal development, management, business development and board-level leadership. It also provides bespoke workshop solutions, as well as personalised management coaching, leadership consultancy skills and other masterclasses.

This service, including all courses and masterclasses will be delivered to businesses in Ireland and across the globe by a team of over 80 highly skilled facilitators, coaches and trainers.

Over the next three years, the new investment will cover the recruitment and support of specialised staff, client engagement, sales training and support, and venue rentals. It will also include further website development, and course and promotional materials. These programmes will be delivered in-person or virtually, based on client preference.

“We are very excited about adding leadership development programmes to our existing Expleo Academy portfolio,” said Patricia McGuire, director of Expleo Academy.

“Through our client engagements, it has become evident that there is a growing demand for improved leadership skills across all sectors, likely spurred on by pandemic-related disruptions. Even over the past eight months, we have noticed a significant increase in public sector organisations considering leadership development programmes.

“Effective leadership has never been more important, and we are proud to be pioneers in implementing this comprehensive initiative. To deliver this new service, we have curated a team of experts armed with extensive experience and a profusion of practical insights. We believe that true leadership is not just about guiding teams; it’s about igniting passion, fostering innovation, and shaping a brighter future.”

John Philp, who has been recently appointed as the head of Leadership Development Programmes, will spearhead the new service on behalf of Expleo Academy.

“Leadership development is about understanding the essence of a business, driving meaningful contributions to its bottom line, and fostering a culture where excellence thrives,” Philp said. “When businesses sharpen their leadership skills, they’re not just driving organisational change, they’re creating an environment where everything else just clicks.

“If organisations neglect to invest time and resources in developing these skills, they’re simply setting themselves up for failure. At Expleo, we are committed to making a tangible difference by reintroducing humanity into the workplace. Through this exciting new service, we eagerly anticipate supporting our growing client base and helping their existing and emerging leaders reach their full potential.”

Main image at top: John Philp, Head of Leadership Development Programme at Expleo Academy, Expleo, with Phil Codd, managing director, Expleo Ireland, and Patricia McGuire, Director of Expleo Academy, Expleo

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